Hide and Go Seek CM and Pro-Life Poundcake

Do you ever feel like there might be CM there, I just can't find it!  This is how I feel about CM when I am not on meds.  Since I often only have one day of peak type CM (and only one time that day) without meds, I have to be extra careful observing.  Especially when a peak plus 7 blood draw means I better know when Peak actually is!  In that respect, I am actually looking forward the range of meds that increase CM-mucinex, amox, etc.
I was surprised to find CM this month early.  I had barely finished the red stamps and was looking forward to a week of green, silly me, when there she was-10Cx1.  Not K, not L, not great in quantity or quality in general.  I was hoping I would see more the next time to confirm or more the next day, but no luck. OAD.  I must chart on its merits, so there it is.  What I had extra of last month (hormones), I appeared to lack this month.  I figured it was temporary.  I am one of those low hormone gals both pre and post peak and needed prog my entire pregnancy as well. Hopefully if it is a peak that go delayed b/c of stress than I will have the real deal prior to a week from now when I get the blood draw. 
On a very bright note, I received my pound cake from Kathryn (though you forgot the book, silly!)  It's timing was impecable since I was going to a bachelorette party (of the lovely low key variety, a bunch of girls sitting around chatting and laughing, eating a great meal with even better desserts and margaritas to boot-sidenote of a sidenote-I am not a margarita fan, call me crazy, but I do love that they equal a festive atmosphere!).  The girl getting married is the one that started our sidewalk counseling group at the local abortion mill.  She is AMAZING.  And the girls there, the counselors, are some of my favorite people in the world even though I have known some of them only 2 years or less.  I received the cake in the mail right before I was heading out the door and thought there was no better group who would appreciate this poundcake for a cause!  And I sure didn't want to eat it all myself (and I have a bad way of bringing desserts in the house and tempting dh when he tries to be so good!)  I must say, it was as delicious as you've heard!  Here's our group minus a few (busy making margaritas).  I am in the top left corner.


Find joy in every journey said...

The cycle I got pg I used zithromax and mucinex (among other things...). Have you thought about asking Dr. Toth about doing cyclical antibiotics while TTC?

WheelbarrowRider said...

Thanks, I appreciate the comment. I actually usually on amox and mucinex, among other things but I am not on anything but B6 and prenatals until I do this cycle's blood draw and then do a cycle review on CD 1 with Dr. Hilger's office.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Cute picture! Wasn't that cake delicious! I loved mine.

Alisha said...

Great pic!!! I really think what you and the other counselors are doing is great! Pound cake sounds delicous! Miss you! Be home soon!