My TTC Journey Recap

200X cryo surgery done on cervix due to overabundance of mucus producing cells as well as hpv; also always told I had an "angry" cervix or irritated and treated for cervicitis over and over and over again to no avail.

April 2003 Met future DH (dear husband)

June 2003 diagnostic lap done and endo found and lasered by ob/gyn #1; followed up by 2 lupron shots and some anti hot flash type med for side effects (norethrindrone).

Summer 2005 Stopped using pill and having premarital sex based on conviction of Catholic church's teaching, started charting using CrMS due to endo

Dec 2005 Dr. Hilgers reviewed charts, scheduled surgery in Omaha along with other testing

Feb 2006 BF proposed, heard back from Hilgers, month long hormone series done locally and mailed

April 2006 2 weeks in Omaha for hysteroscopy, laporoscopy, selective hsg, biopsy and culture, and ultrasound series

Dx-low pre and post peak progesterone, low estrogen, lutenized unruptured follicle syndrom, T3 problems, ureaplasma urealycticum, polycystic ovaries (but not the syndrome?), endometriosis, and factor V leiden (heterozygous)

Tx-25 mg clomid on days 3,4, and 5, 2000 units hcg shots post peak days 3,5, 7, and 9. T3-22.5mcg 2x daily, B6 daily, 500 mg amoxicillian (3x daily) on CD 11-15, and mucinex CD 15-peak plus 3. 2 weeks of doxycycline for DH and I. Baby aspirin per local ob/gyn

Aug. 2006 Got married on 19th, began ttc (continued cycle reviews monthly on the phone with Pope Paul VI and did Peak plus 7 blood draws for est and prog). Only med change was to half the hcg (my hands got red, felt hot and swollen), so 1000 units.  Had two cycles where I mistakingly used the SF instructions for avoiding rather than achieving.  Third cycle I corrected the error and we got pregnant!

Dec. 21st, 2006 Had a miscarriage at 10 weeks (Michael) Was on max dose prog shots during pregnancy.  After m/c blood work indicated low post peak estrogen. Added estrace 2mg P+3-12 (started with 1mg, needed more).

July 23rd, 2007  Conceived on 2nd cycle ttc.  Had another miscarriage, (Gabby) at 6 weeks

August 2007 Phone consult with Dr. Hilgers. Learned about Dr. Toth, infections, etc.  Were told we could try orals or go to NY.

September 2007 We chose a middle path and did our homework on Dr. Toth's methods, read his books, joined his discussion board and then did a phone consult with him. He agreed that oral antibiotics were likely sufficient, but a different type and more and longer than before.  First 21 days of biaxin (500mg 1x daily I think) and then on CD 1-10 cyclically while ttc.

Jan 2008 Conceived our son after 3 cycles of trying. Immediately got on 10 day ambulatory IV of clindamyacin per Dr. Toth.  We did this locally.  As with other pregnancies, took prenatals, baby aspirin, T3 until Dr. Hilgers discontinued around week 28, progesterone levels drawn every 2 weeks before due and shots 1-2x/week, amt dependent on results. No abx during pregnancy other than IV. None (as in zero) intercourse during pregnancy.  Yes, dh is a rockstar and so am I for putting up with his grumpiness :)

March 2008 Infection testing in NY for DH and I; came back clean on all accounts. (continued CT PCR testing 2 more times-one done locally and mailed to DT for results and one done locally and run locally)

Oct. 8, 2008 Delivered Charles Raph.ael 7 lbs 80z, 19 inches, had IV during delivery for good measure. Nursed him one year

Oct. 25th, 2009 Cycle returns. First two I wait, 2nd get blood work, 3rd medicated, and 4th get go ahead to ttc

Feb. 14th, 2010 Conceived on 1st cycle trying use all same protocols with Charlie; get IV after hcg doubles. Saw heartbeat on 3/17/10. Going to continue orals (10 days worth) every 8 weeks throughout pregnancy (new this time-and no PCR testing) and still do IV at delivery; again no intercourse at all.

Nov. 11th, 2010 Anthony James was born at 12:30am, after a quick delivery.  He was past his due date, water broke day before scheduled induction around 4:30pm on the 10th.   He was 8 lbs 10 oz, 20 " and very healthy!

Dec. 13th, 2011 Cycle returned.  Meds drop in over a series of months during which I discover pain and scheduled another lap.

June. 27th, 2012 Lap (repeat of all in 2006).  Find tubes completely blocked (were able to unblock), 2-3 spots of endo, and lots of inflammation including micro polyp and inflammatory cyst.  Septum is large, giving higher risk of 2nd trimester miscarriage (perhaps requiring cerclage), and accessory fallopian tube that is common in individuals with endometriosis.

Same cycle as surgery I got pregnant when on Clomid, but not "ttc" due to my poor charting. Excited, scared because I wasn't healed or on antibiotics and had TEBB (but Dr. H said common with surgery). I ended up getting a PICC line this time for IV. Our baby had a late heartbeat, and low. We named her Gianna and lost her in August. I had a D&C (my third).

Jan. 11th, 2013 Confirmed pregnant with a very low hcg (47) quant. Was nervous b/c had TEBB this cycle, but numbers did what they were supposed to so midline was place. However, numbers didn't double three separate occasions and I thought miscarriage was imminent. This was confirmed (in my mind) by an ultrasound showing the baby a week and a half behind. However, the next ultrasound showed six days growth in six days' time and a strong heartbeat of 109 for the dates shown (6 w 2 days-I was really two days shy of 8 weeks). The following week's ultrasound showed the baby was gone. We lost our Nicholas on Feb. 12th, 2013.

Aug 17-24th, 2013 Went to NY to do "full treatment" for dh and myself with Dr. Toth, as recommended by Dr. Hilgers for our pervasive infection. Tubes were found to be blocked through hsg method. Recommendation was following 30 days of orals, do another hsg to determine if blockage was inflammation and had gone down or scar tissue. Unblock if possible. No bd prior, use bd only to ttc. Dr. Toth agreed we should ttc again to have another healthy pregnancy, that is was possible if tubes were unblocked. He also confirmed what we felt in our hearts, another miscarriage and we are done.

Sept. 27th, 2013 Selective HSG in the context of a lap in Omaha on CD 3 with Dr. Hilgers. One tiny spot of endo was cauterized (unusual method for Dr. H) and tubes were found to be open! Woohoo! We got the green light to ttc right away from Dr. Toth and Dr. Hilgers.

Feb. 2014 After only two cycles where we were able to ttc (I missed one cycle's peak time), the TEBB returned. While we would have loved to conceive, we felt the chances of miscarriage would be too high at that point. We prayfully discerned to stop actively tic and are at great peace with this decision.

April 2014 While we are discerning adoption, it isn't a condition on which we gave up actively ttc. For us the two choices were district from one another.

July 2014 We continue to struggle with yeast from our treatment a year ago. I feel I have some symptoms of improved hormone levels including sore breasts, despite no supplementation. Maybe I am healing? Hormone levels were practically nill without supplementation.

Dec 2014 Around Christmas I knew something was different. It was around ovulation and my breasts were sore. I had other symptoms and I thought, good grief I think I am ovulating on my own. So we thought, maybe healing in this way is healing in all ways. And we took a big leap. And we ttc. and thus we conceived Gerard, our New Year's eve baby.

Feb. 2015 Healing comes in many forms. Gerard was not to see this side of heaven. I found out I could bury this child, and so he became our first (and only) child to have a grave we can visit. I chose to have a D&C so there would be no question we would have his little body. While we don't know the gender officially, we chose Gerard and my oldest chose his middle name (Nike).

Currently i show no signs of ovulation. I continue T3 and Synthroid, aspirin and sometimes prenatals. I still do "lazy" charting with a wide range of avoiding just to be safe, even though we would still love to welcome a child. I often wonder if I would benefit from hormones just to stabilize me, but since I can't take estrogen, nor can I get over the relatively recent anxiety regarding self administering the HCG injections, life continues on.