My Dh and a Huge Prayer Request

I will post about the funeral shortly, but right now I want to talk about my dh. Through this pregnancy, he was excited and also worried just like I was. The only difference was he was working up to 85 hrs (his busiest time) as he is a Controller for a Fortune 500 company and in charge of all their filings with the SEC. He didn't have the luxury of the two girl's nights I had last week where I felt so loved. Or in receipt of all the wonderful Facebook, blog, and text messages of support in prayer. the flowers that were sent to me. He is removed from the comfort, but not the pain.

He continues to burn the candle at both ends. He came to two doc appts for heartbeats. He came to as much of my D&C as he was able. He barely got 45 minutes off for the funeral. While I took the whole day off and was able to go out to lunch with a friend after. He is not only working, but also looking for another job. He is the only candidate right now for the ideal position-and the worst timing ever. He preps for interviews, works, and comes home to prep for interviews again. Even though he likely has this position (he wowed the CFO on the first interview), since then he has flown to Portland to interview with 5 people back to back (with a parent company). That was last weekend. Then Thursday, he had an interview before he went to work with HR, and then with the other parent company after work. This Sunday we thought he would have to fly to Denver for the last interview, but the snowstorm made that delayed. And while he is ready to get it all over with, I know this was God's timing.  He continues to do his best to support me and be an awesome dad throughout all of this.

Earlier this week, around Tuesday and Wednesday, I was having a small pity party. I didn't want to do Lent. I felt like I was already at the end of forty long days of sacrifice and self denial. I was in the desert. But a post from a friend on a miscarriage support group changed my thinking. She posted a Love Dare. Immediately I got excited. I have been thinking about dh and his sacrifice for our family. How emotionally, physically, and spiritually drained he is. My focus has changed to what can I do for him this Lent to show my love and appreciation?

Three and a half years ago I went on an incredible retreat. It wasn't great timing, but I went anyway. I took my 6 month old with me. It fed my soul! I also met some incredible people I still have relationships with. I prayed dh would have this experience, but he kept putting it off. I stopped bringing it up and started nagging God instead. This year, I about fell out of the pew when he told me he wanted to sign up. He had the caveat that if work got crazy he would have to back out. I understood. When the interview came up, I understood. But now that is pushed back, and he is free to attend.

One of the most powerful parts of the retreat is at the end. That is when you hear, really realize, how many people have been praying for you all weekend. And then the letters pour in. letters of encouragement, appreciation, and prayer. It's so wonderful to receive these. I sort of dropped the ball on the fact that I am actually to get others to write these letters as well.  I had forgotten that part. But I got so excited, realizing this was exactly what dh needs right now. And so I sent a plea out to those I thought would be interested. And the response has been incredible. You are part of that plea. If you would pray for my dh this weekend, I would so greatly appreciate it! He needs this relationship with God. He needs to lean on Him. He needs to be rejuvenated. And He needs to understand how losing this baby fits with the idea of a loving and merciful God.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and kind words. But if at least for this weekend, you could direct those at my dh, it would mean so much! Any comments left below will copied and shared with him. Thanks in advance!