First shot sub-q, cycle update, and "sicker than a dog"

Where does the phrase "sicker than a dog" come from anyway?  Oh, well.  Here it is entirely appropriate.  I don't think I have ever been this sick in my life and the timing sucks.  But, in all fairness, there is never a good time to be sick (and always a worse time to be sick-like when you are pregnant and can't take crap and have to make awful decisions like "is this illness hurting the baby or would my taking the meds hurt the baby?  which is worse?")  I digress...I have a virus that turned into a secondary infection.  I am: coughing (though occasional, always disgusting junk that is hard to move, tastes horrid, and makes my throat feel like fire, and my chest seize up), more physically exhausted then I have ever been (heart pounding, tired going up stairs, etc), with fever/aches/chills/headache to top it all off.  I pray it doesn't move into my sinuses.

It is bad timing primarily because my husband is working crazy hours and can't help much with me or the baby, my mom is taking care of my sister's 3 kids while she is out of town so she can't help, and I am fearful that my hubby will get this because I know he won't be able to stop working.  I dread when I feel better and have to go back to the piles of laundry, dishes, school, and work that have been piling up.  Not to mention the disinfecting that will need to occur.  Additionally I worry about my son getting it, of course; he already has a junky cough and a few sneezes but seems otherwise unaffected.  My husband is helping the most he can, letting me be upstairs in our room while he is with our son, taking care of the meals he is home for (i.e. takeout), last night he did the bed/bath routine (bathing is exhausting on a good day!) and today he took my son with him to church while I slept.  Being sick sucks!  Oh yes, it also bad timing due to the meds.  I will explain later.

Anyway, on to the "good" stuff!  I love love love being back on the meds for the most part because things are predictable and the signs are clear.  Of course, I am completely tied to the clock, and the number of meds is insane, but I am hoping and praying it is temporary (we are only trying 3 cycles before we know this regime won't work and will look for additional problems, etc).

Reminder: this cycle is the first one medicated since I got my period back and the 3rd one I have had since nursing.  We are NOT trying this cycle, just getting on the meds and then doing a peak plus 7 draw and then we will know based on the cycle review and levels if they are good enough to support a pregnancy.  Then, and only then, would we be given the green light (I am hoping for it to be around Valentine's Day-totally possible and dh proposed the Sat before, but would be ecstatic for any BFP as anyone who knows me knows). 

This cycle looked good on paper.  I had 6 days of bleeding with no brown blood.  I had a little peak type on CD10 and CD13, but I knew not to be "faked out" because I took clomid 4,5,6 so I was figuring CD 15 peak type and that is when the real run actually began (of course we had to avoid those days anyway, just in case, poor dh, seriously).  Unmedicated I would have maybe had 1 day of peak type and it would have been 1".  But not on these meds, baby!  Six, yes six, day of peaktype that ended with 5" (sorry TMI) that I didn't think possible until I did the meds last time.  It was a pity not to take advantage!  lol

Peak day was CD 20.  Here is where the little problem came in.  I filled the amox and started it on CD10.  I was told to take it when I saw peak type and continue through peak day (weird, you don't know peak day until the day after...).  So that is what I did, but recall there was 2 false alarms so I actually had to fill the script twice and take it 10 1/2 days total-oops, I missed a dose somewhere in there.  Technically I should have filled it a 3rd time!  Additionally I am on clarythramyacin (biaxin) (and dh) on CD1-10.  But we didn't get told this (like the clomid) until my cycle review.  By time I got the call back with order, due to the holiday, it was CD 4.  So I was told to take it CD 4-14.  So lots of antibiotics.  (and probiotics) And yet, I got sick.  With a virus.  But they called me in a z pac.k.  I wasn't going to take it.  I got sick Thursday morning, Jan. 14th, my peak day, but by Saturday I was dying.  I called the doctor and they said it had become infection (a secondary one had developed) based on my symptoms and to take the meds.  Which are similar to Biaxin.  Gosh, I really hope we don't get resistant to this stuff.  Typically I don't worry about that since it is here to be used when we need it and it is important to take the right amount so it actually works and not dilute it or why bother...anyway, we only take it a few cycles and then have a break for one reason or another.   But this time I am little worried.  Such large amounts!

Sorry for the long post.  Just one more thing-I gave my first peak plus 3 hcg injection sub cutaneously today and it was so not a big deal.  Really!  I took a minute to get over the body's natural desire to not want to harm itself!  But I just did it in the stomach where I definitely had some extra, and no problem!  It is so much better than that progesterone in oil during pregnancy where you give anywhere from 2-4 cc's since my place doesn't compound it strong enough...and you give that veeeerrrryyyy slowly.


Ann - Building a Nest said...

I'm so sorry! It sounds like you've got the worst crud. I hope you feel better soon and it doesn't spread to your family.

I agree. The drama leading up to a sub-q shot (or an IM, for that matter) is far worse than the actual experience.

Sew said...

I give HCG in the thigh. My abdomen is to sensitive to do it there! So MUCHO props to you! That way if my thigh bruises no big deal! ;)

Why do you take amoxicillian on CD 10. I start post period? Just wondering. I don't make mucus without amox that is consistent. ?? :)

prayerfuljourney said...

In all honesty,,,you lost me with all the meds you are taking for IF and your virus. SOunds like the flu but maybe H1.n1? Lord willing your little guy won't get it or your dh. No one likes getting sick and there's rarely ever good timing on it. Hopefully you'll feel better soon and can catch up on all of that mundane housework (that is what I call it).

Find joy in every journey said...

I must have the same virus. I have loafed on the couch for over a week. I am going to ask for a z pack tomorrow at my ob visit.

I wouldn't worry about all the antibiotics if I were you. DH and I have taken SO much and they still work for us. I hope you feel better soon! I hear you on all the stuff piling up and I don't even have a little one. It does stink that I can't take certain meds but I have been taking afrin at night to sleep and it has been helping. Tonight is benedryl, hopefully I can sleep. Sorry this was about me! Sounds like you are doing a great job about getting your cycle in tip top shape before TTC. Hopefully you will be sucessful this next cycle!!!

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

I hope you feel better soon! God Bless!

mrsblondies said...

Sorry you been so sick. I hope you feel better soon. I hope this cycle is good enough that you next cycle will actually be TTC!

WheelbarrowRider said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I am still a miserable lump on the coughtoo,FJIEJ; I hope you feel better soon and thanks for the antibiotic info, that does help. I forgot you did full tx! Every part of my body aches, but the crud is getting better and so is the congestion that came on yesterday. My doc still wants to see me for all the crazy body ache, out of breathe, generally exhaustedness symptoms that are still going on, so that is tomorrow. Dh is well, but I have him sleeping in the guest room which sucks-I feel so lonely with him working long hrs, sports watching (which isn't really my thing) and the sleeping away (we have never done before). I was a blubbering idiot yesterday. And Charlie has def junk and a little fever, but his doc visit today resulted in nothing useful. Sew, I was told to take amox roughly on CD 11-15, but recently clarified by Hilgers office as "first day of peak type and then through peak day". I take mucinex same start day and then through peak plus 2. I don't really make any without it that I can tell, so I have been starting it at cd 11, but this time I had some on 10 I saw so I started it then. Basically it was a false alarm. Prayful Journey-thank goodness no flu or h1n1, and we have all been vaccinated here. It is a flu-like virus with lovely secondary infections as well. Not fun.

JellyBelly said...

I'm so sorry that you're feeling sick! Yuck!

I give myself the HCG injections in my stomach. I just pinch the skin and inject. I couldn't imagine giving the injection in my thigh! Ouch! When I first started HCG I used to numb the area with ice. I don't even bother now that I'm an old pro!

As for my Clomid dosage. I was on 10mg (I think!) or a whole pill. It was the pits since it made my endo pain worse! Thank God I no longer have endo and that my doc switched me to Femara!

the good eggs said...

You are so funny about the shot...the body's desire to do no harm. I've only ever tried the stomach with injections and I'm afraid to go scouting for better spots.