Happy Epiphany!

A friend posted this on FB (btw, she is not IF, though an insane proportion of the folks I know IRL are); it applies to all of us, but of course I look at it through IF eyes...-

Today we celebrate the Epiphany! The three kings find Jesus!  Here is an excerpt from today's meditation in "In Conversation with God":

"They obeyed the king and went on their journey; and all at once the star which they had seen in the East was there going before them, till at last it stood still over the place where the Child was. They, when they saw the star were glad beyond measure. They were not surprised because they were led to a village, nor because the star stopped over a simple little house. They rejoiced. They rejoiced with an uncontainable joy. How great is the joy of these wise men who have come from so far away to see a King and are led to a little house in a village! How much is there for us to learn here! In the first place we will learn that every rediscovery of the way that leads us to Jesus is filled with joy.

We are perhaps in danger of not realizing fully how close Our Lord is to our lives because God presents himself to us under the insignificant appearance of a piece of bread, because he does not reveal himself in his glory, because he does not impose himself irresistibly, because he slips into our life like a shadow, instead of making his power resound at the summit of all things ... How many souls are troubled by doubt because God does not show himself in the way they expected?"

Or things don't go as expected?  I have been reminded constantly, but especially this week through AYWH's experience, that the stories He writes are amazing, but when we are only able to view a little piece it doesn't always look so great.  And then we doubt.  But He is always there, like the footprints story, even carrying us!  In AYWH's (and other's) case, we are able to step back and see the bigger picture of God's plan for her suffering.  But if you can't see yours yet, it is because God is still writing!  Have hope, my friends. 2010 has started off with a bang!


Joy Beyond the Cross said...

I am using the "In Conversation with God" as part of my commitment to daily prayer. I really like the devotions and am a huge fan of the practical suggestions provided. I am glad someone else enjoys them as well! I hope you have a blessed rest of the week and Happy Epiphany! God Bless! - Marie

Sew said...

started off with a BANG! Goodness, I don't think my world has been rocked like this in a long time! hahahaha

Sew said...

I love commenting with no word verification! ;0

mrsblondies said...

Wow, what a great reflection. Thanks for sharing it.