Odds and Ends and Updates

It has been an incredible week, that is for sure!  And I am an organizational mess!  I am surrounded by post its, none of which have the info I am looking for!  For example, what my progesterone level was (high zone 3 but what was the #?!) or what my last hcg level was (1300 something, but what?!)  Pregnancy brain is kicking in, which is hard because I am horribly forgetful anyway!  Example-night before last I dh found a pork tenderloin I intended to defrost in the fridge...on the couch.  Of course!  Good thing the dog was out in the backyard!

We told our families and they were thrilled.  I forgot another rule-we told dh's mom and my mom they could tell other family members and friends with one caveat-if anything goes wrong they have go back and tell them the news so that we don't have a huge list of folks to tell!  We learned that from our first miscarriage, in the sense that we realized that by not letting dh's mom tell her friends' about the first grandchild on that side, we left her without emotional support when she was going through the mourning process.  Miscarriage definitely affects more than just the couple going through it.  Anyway, on to happier things...

I think I mentioned that I immediately figured out the due date based on conception and saw that it was Nov. 7th, Feast day for St. Anthony.  I looked up the meaning of Anthony's name and was pleased one of the meanings was "flourishing."  It means other things as well, but that would be on another elusive post it.  That was one of the "signs" I meant to mention in the last post.  Signs can be fickle-lol-I don't recommend it; I just couldn't help myself!

At least I can remember my schedule. Tomorrow I have my first doctor's appt.  I just see a nurse and get bloodwork done (blood typing, etc).  I also get what is likely to be my last hcg.  I am due for another prog shot too.  Then Fri I get another shot and have another doctor's appt.  This time I see the ob and they take a quick peak.  I am glad it will be too early to see the heartbeat so I won't worry if one isn't visible.  But we should be able to see a sac and confirm it isn't ectopic (I hope!).

I don't know if I any of you read back to my pregnancy with Charlie, but my sis JB was due one week to the day with her 3rd daughter while I was pregnant with Charlie. It was amazing to be pregnant together.  This time I have two dear friends due one week apart (pretty sure to the day again-both earlier than me).  One friend, IRL, had two miscarriages (one was a blighted ovum) before conceiving a son just about two months older than Charlie.  We love to get together with the boys and trade babysitting.  They recently started trying again and told us the day they found out that they were expecting.  Today they heard a healthy heartbeat and I am so happy for them.  My other friend is one I have never met in person, but am so incredibly fond of.  She and I met when I heard that other patients of Dr. Hilgers were seeing Dr. Toth.   I did a "shout out" for them on his discussion board and she emailed me privately.  She had never gotten pregnant in five years of ttc and was successful the first month of being given the green light by Dr. Toth!  She was pregnant when I emailed her and I became shortly after and she was a fantastic mentor for me through the pregnany and an amazing witness for the faith!  Please pray for their little ones!

The healing mass was amazing.  I wish dh could have gone, but he stayed home with Charlie (who has been a complete monkey in mass lately!)  I did see my husband's dad's 2nd cousin, whom despite the removed relationship, is very close to us and absolutely amazing.  She is undergoing treatment for Leukemia, it kills me to even mention it, and her whole family and first grandbaby were there to support her.  It was great to see them and helped me think about someone other than myself.  Please pray for healing for her.

Please also pray for some other friends of mine. One struggling with IF recently became pregnant and miscarried. One friend who started our sidewalk counseling ministry conceived a much desired honeymoon baby only to miscarry. And another friend considering the adoption of an older child had things fall through in the sense that the mother decide to contest the termination of rights and it is expected to drag out. Sad situations, all of them could use your prayers.

I have been in bliss lately-going to mass everyday since I found out, praying the rosary more than I have my entire life, saying my St. Raphael novena, etc.  Today I got to pray my rosary at the adoration chapel.  We are blessed to have one just down the street (one of the reasons we bought this house) and do not take advantage of it like we should!

Thanks, Kaitlin for reminding me that Rita is patron saint of lost causes like St. Jude.  After you said it, I recalled being told that long ago. 


Second Chances said...

So glad things are progressing well for you! This is such an exciting time for your family. Don't worry, "momnesia" is abundant in my life right now as well. It's really bad, actually. Just make sure you make a post-it to turn off the stove!!!

Life In Mazes said...

So glad for the happy things in your life! Praying for that little one to grow big and strong! While I was reading your list of prayer requests I said a prayer for them. I especially think that a m/c early in a marriage is so hard. That happened to us.

Kaitlin said...

Thanks for the update! You're in my prayers!

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Lots of happy things to focus on!