Happy Easter!

Family pictures are rare!
day prior-2 eggs are better than one-very pleased

gotta love the tongue!

showing the sound a monkey makes!

discovering the egg hunt!

yum-dried apple!

pleased with a new toy!

first time using bubbles-I think he likes them!

love it!


Ann - Building a Nest said...

Sweet picture. Happy Easter!

Karen said...

What a beautiful family picture! Happy Easter!

Jill said...

So cute Jamie! I love your family pic :) Did you got to 11:30am Mass? I didn't see you there and I was for sure I would!

WheelbarrowRider said...

Not 11:30, Jill, due to noon meal at Julie's. We were scared to death of the crowd at 9:30am since Charlie doesn't sit well while arriving early, so we rolled the dice and did the 7:30 (not arriving super early at all) and it was perfect. Seriously. We will do it again. however, we were surprised to see that it didn't immediately fill up after 7:30 let out, so I think we would have been okay with 9:30 arriving around 8:45 or 9. Sorry we missed you! Looking forward to pics of the boys in their outfits!

Fertile Thoughts said...

Oh, so sweet! I love your family picture !!! By the way, you're so thin I am jealous ;)