Just an Update

Not much to report these days.  I had crampiness for a few weeks, but it seems to have subsided.  I think I am just growing a lot (inside and out!) since I am now 21 weeks.  My last prog went down from the 50 to 43 I think, but I remain on the same half dose 100mg/mL twice a week.  I have my next ultrasound July 8th, and we are doing it with a perinatologist.  I am looking forward to it and saying prayers that all will be healthy as this is where they look in depth at the brain, heart, spinal cord, etc. 

Drama continues with my oldest sister (JC), who was going to file for divorce and didn't know if her dh was going to return to the state with her two youngest.  He came back yesterday with the kids, so that is great news.  Her oldest, 17, had an unexplained seizure, so that is the latest worry.  Never a dull moment.

Charlie is doing well.  We visited a friend with twins recently and he was very lovey over their babies, showering one with kisses.  It was nice to see.  Of course, he likes to play with the baby toys when he sees them out and it was funny to see how big he looked with the bouncy seat and the rainforest play mat etc! 

I am just continuing to work on my paper and get to some work stuff that didn't get done due to my dissertation focus recently.  My dh bought me a desk for my birthday, so it has been nice to get that set up and organized.  I work from home so it feels great to have a more proper work space.  I am an "everything in its place" kind of gal!

Still lots to do before the baby arrives.  There is room prep to be done on the nursery, and Charlie's closet still needs to be transferred to his big boy room.  It seems doable in time.  We have been gung ho on home projects as well, which has been nice.  Dh changed out the hardware to brushed nickel (from brass) on the main floor and basement.  We have some light fixtures to replace soon.  We are refinancing with the great rates and they are doing an appraisal soon.  It has been a nice excuse to get some home projects done and dh is treating me to a (one time) cleaning lady.  That is heaven in my book!

I also have a few prayer requests for you.  One dear friend is in the hospital with a scary infection.  She will need a ten day IV (thankfully she can probably do this from home).  I am waiting to learn more details, but it sounds like she is handling the barrier with her usual grace and sense of humor.  Another friend is coming home from a trip to NY to see Dr. Toth.  She received her 2nd full treatment, this one after her miscarriage at 10 weeks, and she had some frustrating hurdles and set backs including an ER visit before she left and more IV issues.  Please pray the treatment was successful and lead to better health and also a healthy pregnancy.  Several of my friends IRL that miscarried have waited the proper amount of time and have now been given the go ahead to ttc. As many of you know, that can be a scary time that requires a lot of trust.  Another friend is working on accepting that she will no longer ttc.  Very difficult situations for all.  Please know you are all also in my daily prayers!   I am looking forward to summer prayer partners!


prayerfuljourney said...

I have my own space to do my work and studies too...I love it. That way it can be messy if it has too and I can close the door for no one else to notice!

I will say a little prayer for your friends. The one dealing with an infection sounds strong...if she can deal with it with humor. Wow! I guess we should try to find humor in our crosses, huh?

Angela said...

I'll definitely put your friends on my prayer list...very difficult situations, it sounds like. Glad things are going well with you! Sounds like Charlie is gearing up to be a great big brother :)

Amazing Life said...

Thanks for the update! Looks like you are moving along quite quickly, so glad you are feeling well!
I will pray for your friends and for your upcoming appt :)

mrsblondies said...

I'll keep your friends and your sister's family in my prayers. I'm glad to hear your family is doing well and you're getting things done around your house.

allyouwhohope said...

I just prayed for your friends' intentions. I hope for the best for all of them!

And thank you SO much for your comment about the progesterone. It really made me feel better :)

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

I will pray for your friends, and your sister.

I love the new pictures on your sidebar!