A Rough Weeks Seems Better Now

It has been a rough week in more ways then one, but I am feeling better today, thankfully.

First of all, I have had allergies.  I believe in addition to this I have been sick since I don't think allergies such a deep down junky cough.  I have been needing to sleep more, yet sleeping less.  This is two-fold, the third trimester is known for this and also Charlie has hit a developmental stage where everything that was once a given is no longer.  It is exhausting.  He used to crawl up the stairs to bed on his own when you announced it.  Now he cries and cries for books, trucks, daddy, and one more hug.  I could hold out (behavior is my field, afterall) because I know it is best; however, since he has taken to having a bm at random times before and during sleeping it isn't possible to the extent it would be.  I need a poop monitor-do they exist? lol!  Overtired begets hyperactivity and more inability to sleep (I love the books the No Cry Sleep Solution and also Sleeping Through the Night-excellent for any expecting parent to help develop good sleep habits early). 

Anyway, I've been tired, and sick, and emotionally drained due to all of this.  To top if off, it was frustrating not having a cell phone or contacts or work email on my loaner phone and I was much less efficient with the time I did have not having these tools for organization.  When I finally broke down to buy a new phone there were multiple frustrations involved including way too long in the store with a two year old that was tired (I had picked out a phone prior to going in, but after 45 min in we learned my work didn't have the right server-augh!) and way too many hours with customer service regarding setting up my new phone.  It turns out they made an error in the store (turned off my data feature and didn't turn it back on the new phone) and it all was 100% preventable.  Sigh.

There have been deaths.  One very close to my niece who is more like a sister (her father, already mentioned on this blog), but others that have really shaken dh like a father from his home town who passed while expecting his first child, and though not a death there is a one year old in our parish with a brain tumor-it was removed and has returned.  It makes us realize how precious life is, how fortunate we are, and how God is in control.  We have to trust that in the end there is eternal life thanks to His great mercy and love.

There have been good moments too, don't get me wrong.  Dh got up with Charlie all last night which was wonderful.  Charlie took a nap yesterday when it looked like he wouldn't and that helped us be able to go on with some much needed dinner plans with friends.  Charlie is doing/saying so many neat things.  He grabs a microphone and belts out the entire ABCs to my surprise.  He is counting.  He said "I want dad come" when we went to the store without dad.  There is just so much crazy development going on now and it is awesome to see my little boy make these connections and express himself.  My phone started functioning this morning.  I am getting a few things done this weekend-cleaning, cooking, groceries.  Things long overdue (the in laws are coming!) :)  The weather is absolutely amazing here.  I love fall! 

I want you to know, I offered all of that frustration and physical and mental exhaustion up for everyone dealing with IF.  I know that suffering is redemptive, and it felt better knowing that mine was being put to use.



Thank you, J, for offering so much suffering for us! I am glad that you're feeling better. : )

I feel like I've still been a bit absent in the past week or so. Sorry about that. I've thought a lot about our conversations and look forward to talking again soon. Now that the wedding reception is behind me, I'm hoping that I will not be quite so distracted.

God bless and big HUGS!!

Megan said...

Aren't 2 year olds amazing?! :) I also love The No Cry Sleep Solution! I'm glad you are trying to find the joy among the frustrations! I'm praying for you!

mrsblondies said...

Sorry to hear about your rough week. I'm glad things are getting better.

Joy Beyond the Cross said...

Yes, rough weeks can be a downer, but hopefully this extended weekend will help you and your family to get back into a more predictable routine - with the sleeping and everything. God Bless you J and may your Guardian Angel help you to sleep peacefully (and Charlie too)!

Tridentine Wife said...

I can't believe this is the first time I've read your blog, shame on me! I am playing catch up. And yes I am a huge fan of getting babies on a schedule. Ours are 6 months old and doing wonderfully. God is good.

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

I'm sorry for your recent struggles. Thanks for giving them up for IFers like me. You still give me great hope...keep that coming!