Bleeding Post D&C

I have lots of thoughts on posts, but it will have to be in quick takes form and not today.  Today I have some anxiety about visiting my ob.  I have a 6 week appt, but today I am only 4 weeks out (happy 4 weeks, AJ).  After calling my ob's office twice for concerns related to bleeding, they decided to see me even though they told me the bleeding is normal.  I feel like a freak, pestering them, but I don't feel comfortable until they look at me.  This is for many reasons.  I loved my ob, but now my trust is a little shaken after what I have been through (I hope today he can clarify without feeling defensive, I so want to love him again!), and I am trying to listen to my instincts and advocate for myself more.  Internet searching and our local ask a nurse call line seem to agree with me and disagree with my ob's office.  Here are my notes for my visit, to state my case for concern and hopefully not come off as a nut.  But then, having an outline to go into an office visit in and of itself might be a little nutty, lol.  Sorry if this is TMI, but come on, the post title says blood :)

1. Bleeding-my symptoms-tired of it!

a. Blood is everywhere!  Every wipe, every time I pee its in the toilet, every time I dry off with towel from the shower, even ran down legs going to grab a pair of underwear 10 feet away!

b. Pad every four hours (thick) or thin every hr/time I go to the bathroom

c. Much heavier than any period I ever had, but then I've been spoiled

d. Maintains bright red color and amt, no change whatsoever in 2 weeks

e. Now I have chafing from wearing the pad so long-two weeks

f. It is not my period as the nurse suggested.  I am solely nursing and got my period back at 14 months with Charlie.  And my period is not this heavy.

g. My post partum bleeding was almost done entirely before the need for D&C-that is earlier than expected.  It had gone through all the phases and was almost non existent.

2. Reasons I am concerned-

a. I had too much bleeding, beyond normal limits/cause for concern:

i. After giving birth –was this b/c of placenta? they were getting nervous but it finally slowed on its own

ii. Before D&C-reason for the procedure

iii. After D&C-they called me more drugs to contract my uterus

b. Factor V-more bleeding equals clot risk right? Not on aspirin yet

c. Mom had D&C and had DIC and almost died (bled out)

d. I didn’t have this much bleeding with first D&C (though I did recall he said he cauterized area so I wouldn’t-2nd ob found odd and no notes about it-very sketchy)

e. Issue of trusting (see below)

3. Know the D&C was necessary-so why did it get to this point?

a. Is this not obvious at delivery?

b. Was the excess bleeding in the hospital after birth a sign of the placenta still there?

c. You said I didn’t need to go to the ER, but then I had the cramps and remembered the factor V and the ask a nurse call line said to go.

d. The u/s tech was concerned and said I would likely be kept, and then the ER doc said it was doubtful it was a product of conception and that fits and spurts of blood are expected, it was a lg clot and if after 3-4 days still there then D&C…was this the ER doc or you? He said he consulted you.  Did he give you bad info to go off of?  Where did he get bad info if the u/s tech recognized the problem and he wrote the report?

e. Your partner told me the next day I needed a D&C immed for 4.5 cm of retained placenta and that she has no idea why you didn’t do the D&C when I was already in the ER.  (The fact it was the day before Thanksgiving and the fact you didn't have priveledges at the hospital I went to didn't play in, did it?  No I won't be asking that!)

4. Concerns about D&C (even though I know it was unavoidable)

a. Read online that adhesions are more likely when the D&C is done for the reason it was done on me.

b. I also read it could traumatize the lining and jeopardize future implantation?!

c. This isn’t my first-I had one before due to miscarriage

See, good reasons for anxiety.  But, I am prepared as possible so trying to "let go and let God."  Prayers please.  Appt at 11:15am CST.


Karen said...

I completely understand your concerns! I would be worried too. We have to be our own best advocated. It's hard when you like your doctor but even the best ones do the wrong thing sometimes. I see why you would be having trouble trusting him. And don't worry about coming in with a list. I do that too! :) I just tell him I don't want to get home and forget something and have to call back. Prayers for you today.

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

I think your questions and concerns are VERY warranted!

Right Said Red said...

I had similar bleeding after my last birth. I was told repeatedly by the midwives and doctor at my practice that it was fine. My gut told me something was wrong. At 9 weeks postpartum, I finally saw another doctor (new practice), who told me I needed a D & C, and I needed it immediately. I started to hemorrage, and had to have an emergency D & C then next morning. My advice, RUN to another practice if your doctor doesn't do something about your concerns!

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

I'm so glad you shared all this so we can be praying for you. I know nothing about post-D&C bleeding, but it sounds very concerning to me. AM praying for the Lord to heal your body and to be in control of the conversation with your doctor.

Second Chances said...

Oh gosh, praying for you RIGHT NOW as it's your appointment time. Trust your gut! You're one smart lady :)

Abigail said...

So sorry. I'm praying for you!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

The whole time I'm reading I'm thinking "wow-that's so much to think about!" but then I remembered how much you've already had to advocate for yourself. You're a pro at it!

simone said...

I have no personal experience with D&C, I had a hysteroscopy and bled for a week, but it was similar to a period and not unusually heavy at all. You had more trauma to the uterus than me, but you also had this procedure before. You have to listen to your instincts. You know your body and what is normal for you. You have to be your own advocate. If they won't treat you go someplace else.
Good luck.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

I don't know anything about any of this, but it sounds a little scary so I hope they get it resolved soon!!

Tridentine Wife said...

Definitely praying for you right now, keep us updated.