Time to Go Back To Charting

Yes, and I must say I am not looking forward to it just because I am out of the habit of paying attn.  But then, that is exactly why I need to chart.  See, I.am.still.bleeding.  Yup.  "Just" spotting, is what my doc office said.  Well, I think so, but then I haven't been paying all that much attention.  Just annoyed.  They reminded me I had a D&C two weeks after and that the clock started over then.  Still, AJ will be three months in a week. Crazy how time flies!  So I don't personally feel I should still be bleeding.  But I haven't told them I still am because a month ago they thought it was "just spotting" "no big deal" and I was maybe starting my period.  I highly doubted that.  And clearly I wasn't unless this is a month long period, which would be a first.  Though anything is possible with my crazy body.

Recently it changed though.  I think it either stopped a few days and restarted or got brighter in color because I immediately felt something had changed. Which makes me think maybe I really am starting my period?  I didn't start until I totally quit nursing with Charlie, but every time is different I am told and I have several friends that are nursing babies around the same age and started.

Also, my hormones are a wreck because my eyes are so dry I can't wear my contacts more than a few hours.  So I'd like to get a handle on what is going on.  So, its back to the stickers I go.  And I really am silly for complaining.  Those stickers changed my life.  Its just going to require some retraining.


Cathy said...

Oh, man.
No advice on the bleeding, just I'm sorry.

But, HONEY, do I have some advice on the contacts.
With Drew, I needed contacts I could wear all night, because he was up all night. I don't have glasses.
I went to 1-save-on-lens.com (I think that's the site - but you can Google to make sure) and bought (without a prescription - hi, I'm blind, I know how blind, I don't need a new contacts script every single year) AirOptix Night and Day. I think they're by B&L.
I wear them for DAYS at a time. They're very, very comfy and never dry out.
They're pricier than regular contacts, but not obscenely so. Well worth it.

Karen said...

I'm so sorry about the bleeding! If this isn't a period I would try to talk to your doc again. I obviously have no personal experience yet but 3 months of bleeding sounds a little nuts to me. I would be so over it!

As far as the charting. I'm with you. I actually kind of dread going back to it. Not because it's hard. It's just remembering to get back into the routine. But at the same time I can't imagine not charting. It's so nice knowing what my body is doing on any given day. Especially since my body doesn't work properly. :) I'm sure it will take no time for you to get back into the habit.

Second Chances said...

I'm right there with ya. I need to start but haven't! I had about 10 days of bleeding 6 weeks ago and nothing since. I wonder if it's because that's when I was getting the PIO shots? Have you heard of that? PPVI said it can cause bleeding. So not convinced that was a period but still I need to get on track.

Julie said...

I bled for over 90 days from last year because of my hormones being out of whack! It was my endo and I had surgery to remove it a month ago and that stopped the bleeding. I am not saying you have endo, but if your hormones are out of whack post pregnancy, charting is probably your best bet to figure out what is going on.
Praying for you!

St. Rita's Roses said...

Good Luck with getting back to charting...and Yes, I agree..charting stinks!!!

Sew said...

dry eyes? Thyroid! ;) hahaha I started charting too...Well I was supposed to start yesterday so i'm starting again today...I need to get out my book and re-read...because I forgot.

Lisa said...

I stopped bleeding 7 weeks postpartum and then started bleeding again around 12 weeks or so, for roughly the length of a period. Then, nothing until my son was around 10 months when I started my period. He's 15 months now and I've only had 2 ovulatory cycles

I would mention this to your ob just in case they think it's an issue.

allyouwhohope said...

Woah.. I didn't know any of this about dry eyes!! I suddenly had to stop wearing contacts in my twenties because my eyes were too dry, after wearing them for years. I tried a millions special kinds for dry eyes and nothing worked. Maybe it was my hormones, or thyroid! Maybe I need to try again.

Good luck with charting! I started doing it yesterday and I'm so nervous! I think because everything seems so out of whack and it seems like it's going to be tough avoiding for a while. Why I'm worrying as if I'm super fertile, I'm not sure!

Little JoAnn said...

I hate it when doctors say, "Oh its normal you are bleeding...they seem to always say this!"

And, the work of charting,,,getting back into it.

You are juggling it all with such verve and class, dare I say, from the outside you make it look so easy!

You are an amazing Mom.

WheelbarrowRider said...

All very intersting and helpful ladies. I had no idea about the thyroid/dry eyes connection. My eye doc just said it was hormones since my infection was cleared up. I actually wear gas perm contacts. Nothing else comes close to getting me 20/20 and gas perms get me 20/15 so I am very leary of trying to find a new pair. My vision is off the charts horrid, though it has actually improved over the years lately. But, because it is so bad, the glasses are quite thick and humbling! Eye surgery hasn't exactly been in the budget with all our other IF/pregnancy costs the last 5 plus years.
I was actually planning on getting back on my T3 soon too. A mouth full of canker sores convinced me of that! I would LOVE it if the dry eye cleared up too. If not, I might have to seek out these other options. Thanks for the advice, ladies! I will def call the ob again if it doesn't go away in a week (my typical period length including VL days). It can't hurt, they already prob think I am nuts :)

WheelbarrowRider said...

Little Joann, our comments must have crossed. Such class? haha! thank you, but I am sorry I gave you the wrong impression! I do not have it together. My kids are good, when they don't throw me for a loop by changing it up (like this week when Charlie sang for two hours every day before napping, if he napped ,or AJ who decided getting up twice a night to eat sounded good and he needed a paci a few more in addition), but my house is a disaster and so am I. I shower every other day if I am lucky, and usually have spit up on my shirt and food on my pants. Not to mention the thick glasses. I learned yesterday at the dentist I could improve my brushing my teeth as well-I do brush, but then I eat again in the night. Oh well, life is short. Who needs teeth? :) the funny thing is I really don't care about any of the other things, just my kids, but because I love my husband and sometimes care what he thinks, I would like to at least ditch the thick glasses for him sometime soon.

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

Good luck with charting again! Praying that you get the bleeding under control too.

M Hastings said...

I've been charting for what feels like forever and had ONE -count them, ONE- period so far. I have chart upon chart with no cycles and I'm going nuts with it all. Even though I know that I'm not pregnant, I have taken something like 10 pregnancy tests. Oh, and T is just over a year, to give you some reference. And hasn't been nursing for about 3 months. So on that note, I feel your pain!