Why I Love My Husband (3)

I know I just did this, but he deserves another one.

I love my husband because...

For the last two months Charlie has developed a fear of taking a bath. It started when he had an accident in the tub (he was having very loose stools).  We responded kindly and didn't make a big deal, but he was mortified.  Getting poop and pee mixed up often by name for some reason, he has been bathing in tears holding his pee pee tightly in one hand.  We have talked about it (you can tell your potty to stay in there and it will probably listen; accidents happen sometimes, we can clean it up), I have tried everything I can think of, but in the end I have just had to put him in the tub and wash him fast through tears.  This from a boy that loved to bathe prior.  You could hardly get him out.  Today the sitter made the mistake of keeping AJ up for me because he was off schedule and I was due to pick him up 30 min into a nap.  He was a mess by time I got there, worse off by time we got home, and then he cried hysterical another hour.  I finally just nursed him because by then he was close enough, and that put him too sleep.  Poor buddy!  While I was dealing with that, my dh initiated putting Charlie down.  This is big in and of itself, because he'd rather keep him up so they can play longer (he can be a big kid!)  However, on top of this, he recalled I said it was bath night.  I half hoped he had forgotten because I didn't know if he had the patience or finesse to deal with the situation that had arose.  It had really been hard on me because I was doing all the bathing of both kids when admittedly, I barely had it together to bathe myself!  Anyway, as I left the nursery with the baby asleep, I go into my son's room only to hear loud giggles from the bathroom.  What a relief after what I had come from!He and dad were having a water fight with the squirter toys.  Charlie is squeeling with delight.  Daddy is laughing too.  Great memories were being made.  No tears.  No grabbing himself.  In fact, I am pretty sure before it was said and done there were negotiations for "one more minute" more than once.  Dad was the instant cure.  I should have called him in weeks ago!  I am so grateful for this!


Hebrews 11:1 said...

Aww how cute! What a good dad.

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

What a great dad! :)

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

That is the sweetest thing! Dads can just do some things better than moms. What a great dad!

Second Chances said...

That's awesome. Aren't dads the best? They fill a gap that we as moms just can't.

Tridentine Wife said...

What a great hubby, thst is so cute. Poor Charlie, I hope things eventually get better with baths.

Little JoAnn said...

So beautiful and so true. When worry wort Mom over here frets about this or that thats when I know it's TIME FOR DADDY TO TAKE OVER.

Dad's love heals like nothing else. So happy to read this. The squirter guns were genius.

If it wasn't for my husband my daughter would never go on a swing! Ha!

I hate swings and was scared of them when I was little they made me nauseous.

Oh, but she has a DADDY!


And, Charlie has the world's best dad!!!