My Life-Filled with kid talk (i.e. pooping)

I haven't been blogging.  I haven't been doing much at all for myself lately, which means I am in serious need of a mental health day :)  But things are getting better around here, slowly.  And that means both boys are napping today-yay!  I didn't want to bore you with what I have been up to, but I can't help myself, lol, so here is what is on my mind almost 24/7-sleeping, pooping, and eating.  (Btw, for those who care, no cycle yet, but one fertile reading every 5 days or so which knocks out a lot of days for us tired folks!  I have had a few days of cramps and thought it was coming, but not yet.  Time will tell...and then I will rejoin the land of fertile CM talk once again, lol).  Now that we got that out of the way, back to the usual topic of convo...

Sleep.  As in my lack of sleep because in an effort to get AJ eating less at night he must cry some and so for the short term I was sleeping less not more.  Ugh.  He is actually doing pretty well at night lately without the tears.  Also, he is putting his paci back in himself now, which is glorious and something Charlie never seemed to do.  He does still get stuck on his stomach sometimes, but recently he learned to sit up from the crawl position (he doesn't crawl yet-thankfully) so I was surprised to find him sitting up in his bed one day.  The latest with his schedule is now tweaking so I don't overfeed on solids b/c he is way to distracted to nurse these days.  I need to put solids and nursing grouped together instead of staggered two hrs apart (yes, we are always feeding) so he is hungry enough and then nurse first b/c he loves solids and will eat anything, which is awesome.  And yes, I finally introduced the nasty meat.  And he eats it.  Crazy kid.

Sleep also as in Charlie's lack of sleep because he is now able to remove all his clothes and we are potty training so that means he is in his room removing his clothes, asking to go potty 100 times and still managing a bm in his pullup.  Go figure.  And he still manages to pee out of his night time diaper that is supposed to be super absorbent so he wakes early even though he goes to bed late and then he is crabby and wakes his borther.  Part of the problem is also that he can not turn off his imagination.  No such thing as rest or quiet time in this house.  He still needs the nap, as evidenced by his melt down in the evening.  Thank goodness the slow teething seems to have subsided briefly.  And he is back to napping half the week after stopping for two weeks during which I definitely lost my mind.  Did I mention nap time is my break time?  But I can't very well leave him in there naked with the light on because if he does fall asleep he will pee on the floor or wherever he finally goes to sleep.  I suppose there are worse things.  Maybe I will try it.  See, this is already therapeutic.  P.S. He lives for attention-if it is negative attn all the better, so I have been struggling b/c lots of bedroom behaviors can't be ignored.

So between the sleep and the pooping issues are all entertwined but we are hanging on to our small improvements like the fact that we can maybe leave the house in the evening now that AJ transitioned to 2 naps (though they aren't longer than before, actually shorter...).

Charlie sure does love his little brother, but it is quite the rough variety and hugs look like tackles.  I actually freaked out on him yesterday for running and jumping over AJ who was laying on the floor.  He about flattened him!  And then today he woke his brother from nap for the 2nd time by sneaking into his room when I was busy and tickling AJ.  Little turkey.  I suppose there are worse things than loving on your brother.

The work situation is still up in the air so please pray about that.  Dh is a wreck stressing and really hates his job more each day.  He feels a lot of pressure so things are a little tense around here between the lack of sleep and money/job stuff.  We took some time out to play trivial pursuit the other day and had some much needed laughs!

Okay, if this post weren't random enough, I have a recipe I want to share.  Not to be clique, but it is good and super easy and I want you to share some back on the comments. In order to save our family money, I'd like to me more thoughtful in my meal planning so this is a first step. 

Marsala Pork Chops-
1 c sour cream, 1 can cream of mushroom soup, mushrooms, 1/3 c marsala cooking wine, pork chops
Mix, put a little on the pan, put pork chops on top, put the rest over.  Bake 30-1hr depending on how thick the porkchops are.  Serve over mashed potatoes.  Heavenly.  You will be licking the bowl.   My kind of easy meal. :)

And because I post so infrequently lately, I had to include pictures.
 I love this smile and get to see it ALL THE TIME.  He is a wonderfully easy going child.  For now.  Thankfully!
 Oh my this boy is trouble!  And so much fun too!  He is growing up way too fast!
 So handsome!  Please don't crawl soon!
This is where we live.  Still.
Rough love, but grateful there is so much of it towards his brother.  I pray they will be best of friends and always there for each other!


Brenda said...

Glad someone is in my boat. I want to know more about how you are trying to back off the night nursing extravaganza? I was considering doing that too so we don't end up nursing every 3 hours til he's 5! Please let me know how you started out. I'm dying over here! He is such a cutie! Both boys are:)

Lisa said...

The recipe sounds great! Nighttime Pampers NEVER worked. I found they leaked wayyyyy more than regular ones-- go figure. All of my friends with boys swear that to potty train their sons, you have to have them go naked around the house all day, and just sit on towels. Clare was fairly easy to train, looking back, but in the moment it was insane. BMs in the pull-up happened for the first week or 2 of training, then she realized that it was so much easier to go in the potty. I'm a huge fan of the Baby Bjorn potty seat that fit on the toilet-- it's curved nicely to hold them on and has a little splash guard up front for the boys.

Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

Good to hear you're doing well!!! Sorry things are so crazy!!!!