The Miracle of Love

Above Anthony's bed reads a saying we could relate to.  Before you conceived we wanted you, before you born we loved you, and before you were here a minute we would die for you. This is the miracle of love. 

As I was nursing my sweet baby in the rocking chair and rereading those words, I began thinking about the children that aren't wanted when they were conceived like my Anthony. Some babies are unexpected. And parents are scared.  They face real challenges and need solutions.  (Thank goodness for crisis pregnancy centers that provide real assistance for these families).  But you know what?  Those babies are still so loved by time they are here a minute, as our phrase states.  Sometimes it takes longer to fully embrace this, but it is always the case.  A mother has an undeniable love for her child.  It is sewn into every fiber of her being. 

Grey's Anatomy (yes, I watch this stupid show still) was so frustrating to have ended with an abortion on the season premiere.  Just because someone can't imagine their life with a child when they are newly (and unexpectedly pregnant), doesn't mean they won't grow into the role, like anyone grows into any new role.  I am not sure anyone really understands and accurately imagines their life with a newborn.  It is something, like most things in life worth anything, that takes a little time.  But the love and the bond that develops will be there.  And God will supply the grace to get one through the difficulties.  Even the difficulty of putting a child up for adoption, if that is what is discerned is best.  And sometimes, that is the greatest act of love for one's child.  All love is selfless by its very nature.  (And all love involves suffering).  On the other hand, destroying an innocent life due to the inconvenience of carrying the child to term, that is just the ultimate act of selfishness.  That was completely the circumstances of the show.  It perpetuated falsehoods that are prevalent in our culture today.  Young impressionable girls deserve better.  They deserve the truth.

[Caveat: certainly women go in to have an abortion under other circumstances.  I have experienced this first hand at the abortion clinic.  Issues of rape, incest... sometimes there are concerns over health of the mother and/or the child.  This is different in that the motives may not be selfish.  However, this doesn't excuse abortion.  There are so many misunderstandings out there!  But that is a post for another day!]


Tridentine Wife said...

"A mother has an undeniable love for her child. It is sewn into every fiber of her being."

Well said. So glad you wrote this post.

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I am a perfect example of an unplanned, but very loved baby :) In fact, my 3 older sisters routinely refer to me as "the favorite." :)