Crash and Burn

I am glad to know I am not the only one who apologizes at the start of every blog post and writes very randomly.  And you know what?  I love those posts just as much as the others.  So here's to not apologizing for it! ;)

So, you might be interested to know I am back in the 21st century.  I have downloaded the google reader ap and I am now getting caught up on everyone's blogs-woohoo!  I am reading more, but I don't think I can comment without linking in, so that might be reduced.  Probably good for me to learn to keep my mouth shut.  Honestly, I know my opinion doesn't matter in my heart, but sometimes I act like it is extremely valuable.  So this will be a good lesson.  Much better than hitting refresh on FB 20 times a day.  Okay, I still do that but maybe not so much as before.  And did I mention before I have a rosary ap now.  Best thing ever for a novice like me!!!

And, confession time.  I am horrible with names and this has carried over into the blog world.  For example, I know some of your real names and forget the blog association.  Or I started following you for a neat reason/connection, but that is long forgotten.  Or if you change you blog design, I am screwed.  So you can imagine google reader doesn't help in that area.  Or maybe it does.  I will be forced to focus on what matter.  I am just saying, my apologies, I am just so very rotten keeping people straight.  I think that part of your brain dies when you go through long periods of sleep deprivation.  I love you anyway!

So the Crash part of the title alludes to my technology woes this monthly.  My computers and cell phone are all conspiring against me lately.  My brand new work laptop decided to not boot up and my desktop got some virus and was worthless.  I had to take it into the shop.  And today, I realized I am still having issues.  They want me to come back.  Taking my kids into that store is my least favorite thing ever (lots of expensive things down low, etc) and my dh is working crazy hours this month (but he is almost done-yay!) I really really wish I had a mac, but my work decided I needed a dell instead.  Trying to be grateful I have a new computer at all, given my old one took 15 min just to boot up!  Anyway, my probably 3 month old cell phone's LED screen went out too so I went in to get it fixed.  They ended up ordering me a new phone, which I have had a week.  Now I have just discovered the speaker phone button works, but it also mutes the person.  Not so helpful.  So I will be going back to the Sprint store.  My second least favorite place to go with my kids.

On top of the computer woes, my kids and I have had a rough cold the past two weeks.  I remembered the garlic idea, sort of.  See, I cut up a bunch for dh and I and then he didn't realize and took it all.  I was too lazy to cut up more that night.  I have no idea why giving it to the kids escaped me, because I've done it before, but I didn't think of it.  We all got sick.  All except dh.  I am glad he wasn't sick though, for all the hours he has to put in (he works 7 days a week right now and a sick day is not an option).  Its the worst when a baby has a cold and can't blow their nose.  AJ just sounded like he was swimming in it!  Literally.  It resulted in his first ear infection (Charlie had tubes by this point). It seriously took its toll on everyone and sleeping was rough for all involved (AJ would be up about 1 1/2 hrs every night at some point, Charlie woke up once a night, and one day AJ was up every 20 min until 4am-poor dh!!!!). I remembered to offer it up for all my blog sisters that were waking all night with their little ones.  But I am not saying I was as joyful about it as I should have been.  I drank a lot of coffee!  And, confession number two, I watched way too much Kardash.ian sisters while recovering.  What is wrong with me?!  Its like staring at a wreck.  That's exactly what it is like.

In cycle news, I am still on cycle 2 since conceiving AJ.  And what a cycle it is!  My goodness, I have never had fertile days like this.  I have had about 5 days of peak type, but each one is separated by about 2 days of dry.  Very odd.  Hormones might be all over the place as well because something happened at work (my work is the twilight zone, people there are seriously not normal) and I thought I was going to shoot fire out of my mouth and my head was going to start spinning around.  I was livid.  I don't think I've ever been so angry.  I was in control on the outside (it was via email, I was at home with the kids), but I had to squat down and take deep breaths.  Not good.  In hindsight, it was annoying, but not to a fire shooting degree (this is the Burn part of the title, in case you wondered.  I have to attempt to be clever since "This and That" has been used in some variation about 50 times).

I appreciate all the prayers for my friend Nan with breast cancer. She is doing alright.  They put a port in Monday and today she had her second chemo treatment.  Her advisor did tell her she needed to change more on her dissertation so her defense date was cancelled and not rescheduled.  I know that must be very stressful, so definitely prayers still appreciated!

So that is the latest and greatest in the Life of Wheelbarrow Rider :)  That reminds me, I realized after the fact how that title sounds, like I am always in tune with God's will and that is a load of bull.  I try, I fall out, I try to dust myself off and get back in.  On a good day.  My blog address is also very goofy.  But I didn't really put much thought into that part of things.  And now I know that is the one part you don't really want to change.  Oh well.  Life is a learning experience, for sure.  Thanks for putting up with me and my randomness :)


Suzie-Q T-Pie said...

Love random posts!! Ugh I know what your going threw with the phone and computer problems. My battery in my cell phone died, and it only works when plugged in, but no store anywhere carries my battery, and you can't even order a new one online. IT's a new phone!!! anyway still praying for your friend keep us posted.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Good to hear from you! Sorry about your technology woes.

Julie said...

love the random post! It is great to read your update. sorry about the sick kids. We are dealing with that this winter too. NOT FUN!

Brenda said...

I am laughing about you not remembering your associations with blogs. I can't either! I have a little post it note on my desk with Wheelbarrow Rider= your name here!:)

allyouwhohope said...

Sorry to hear you were sick! Although your fb sick day pics were pretty cute :) And that's funny about your blog address, because your blog was up in a window on my phone just now (I must have clicked on it earlier and then got distracted by the babies), and when at first I could only see the url, I was like "whose blog is that??" Haha. I apparently never noticed that it was different from your blog name.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

I don't mind the random posts ... there's so much to catch up on! Its how my posts always flow too ... randomly. :-)
I'm so sorry to hear that everyone's sick ... and poor babies with their stuffy noses and a tired mama. I hope that ends soon! I laughed out loud at the Kardashi.an train wreck. I think that too!!!
I'll continue to pray for your friend and hope that the cancer goes away for good!