Giveaways Orphan Style

Man, I love a good giveaway, and I really love them for a fantastic cause!  These families adopting orphans really know how to get people excited!  Like last week when there was a need to raise $10k in 10 days to get another $10k and fully fund a family traveling in less than two weeks. Crazy right? A mac laptop was up for grabs.  And you know what? They got funded in less than three days.  Insane, right?  Read about it here.

It's fun, but its no joke.  These are real giveaways with real prizes (ask our own Mrs. Mikes who won an ipad in a past giveaway!) but they are also for a really good, really desperate cause.  It is truly a life or death situation for these children. http://covenantbuilders.blogspot.com/2012/06/grief.html

So, how can you help?  Join the giveaway fun! This one ends tonight at midnight and has a slew of prizes (50!) including an ipad-you can even win more than one prize.  Go check it out!  You don't have to donate if you can't, just share and be entered.  See website for details including who this sweet giveaway benefits!

The next ipad giveaway I want to tell you about goes until June 15th.  This is a family whose story I am more familiar with.  You will love it.  Check out the story and the giveaway details here.  You always get entries for sharing on Facebook or your blog, so everyone can participate!

And finally, here is a Kindle fire giveaway with some other very cool prizes (6 total) including yummy Rocky Mountain chocolate factory goodies and $50 to Chili's. This was will end by July 1st. This is their last fundraiser before they go get their little girl and they are still in need of $14,000.  Please give them some love. Even a blog post like this one gives 2 entries!

Pray. Donate. Share.  We can make a difference when we work together for a common cause!

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