The beginning of Physical Healing and Authentic Treatment

Well, obviously future DH didn't leave me (or I wouldn't be calling him future dear husband, lol). It wasn't easy, he was full of questions and I answered them as best I could. He was confused, hurting, struggling, and everything else you'd expect. But to his credit, he hung in there. With the help of the Holy Spirit, he survived and our relationship with God, and each other, was strengthened.
Because I knew I had endometriosis since I was 16, and that previously the pill had been used to treat this, I knew I needed something else. Because I had great faith filled married friends in my life using Natural Family Planning (NFP), I knew it was an option for health reasons. It took this conversion to realize that the pill as the only option was an opinion, not a fact. Not only that it came from doctors who do not respect life. For them, it is an easy way out, a band-aid that covered up symptoms. It is not an authentic treatment. Seeking authentic treatment for endometriosis brought me to NFP, specifically the Creighton Model (CrMS), which only involves observation.
I learned to chart on my own, without future DH. He was not against it, and was minimally supportive, but he did not really know his role his since we weren’t even engaged at the time. He went to the intro session with me, but not the follow ups. He understood why I was doing this, and didn’t disagree.
I used the charts to consult locally with a primary care physician trained in NFP (unfortunately there are no ob/gyns in our area). From him I got a surgery referral to Dr. Hilger’s of Omaha, the creator of the Creighton model. He was "the best of the best" to do the surgery, I was told. Through another act of God, while on the phone with the office scheduling the surgery, I became aware that he was also willing to review charts sent in the mail for a small fee and make recommendations, so I decided to do this as well. This was in Dec. 2005.
By the time the letter came back with recommendations, in Feb 2006, future DH has just proposed to me. We chose to fully pursue the testing that was recommended based off red flags Dr. Hilger’s found in my charting. Future DH became more actively involved in my treatment and decisions.

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