Meeting My Future Husband

It was God's timing that I met my future husband and therefore it was the perfect timing. I was on my path to being a better Catholic, but of course I still had a lot to learn. I was still drinking and going out, but I knew the right kind of man I was looking for, and I tried to behave myself in a Christian manner. I was learning more about my faith and why I believe what I believed. I was learning to better articulate and surrounding myself by good influences, as well as trying to be one. It was one night out with these church friends that I met my husband. I was dancing and having a good time, but not drinking too much. I met him one time out and enjoyed him, but didn't give him my number when he asked. I told him maybe I would see him there again. I didn't think I would, I hardly went there, but I had my doubts that the man of my dreams would come from a bar.
The next time I went to the same bar, I went for a bachelorette party. DH was there with a bachelor party. He approached me again. We danced and talked. I tried to turn him off, talking about a church retreat I went on, playing softball with church, and generally all things church. He told me that he was also Catholic. He wasn't turned off by these things. In fact, he had an interesting proposition. If I didn't want to give him my number, perhaps I would let him meet me at church. My interest was peaked! A funny memory is when he asked when I went. Six o'clock, I said. Six in the morning, he replied incredulously! No, 6pm I said laughing. I think if it was 6 am, the relationship may have been over before it began! :)
He met me at church the next day, dressed up handsomely. He was greeted by a whole pew of young adults I sat at mass with, like 20 protective siblings. It was great! Overwhelming for him, I am sure, but he handled it like a champ! He shook hands when they said to introduce yourself to the folks around you. I heard him say his name was something other than he had told me previously. The rest of mass I was left wondering why he said that when he told me his name was something else. It turns out that was a college joke, a name he used to give that he had resurrected for in honor of being out with the same guys. I learned not to be offended, that it didn't mean he was trying to get rid of me, even though it still sounds that way! We laugh about it now-He even had the spelling of the last name down pat.  Good grief!
After that we went on a weekend date to a comedy club, dinner, and dancing. We had so much fun. We liked the same rap music and we enjoyed each other. I asked him once what he thought of me on that first date, singing Jarule with him. He said, "I thought this was one cool church girl!" LOL! You see, I was still in a bit of transition, but then so was he. It was perfect timing. From then on we took our faith journey together.
But, recall I was in the process of transforming (of course, still am), and so was he, so we did end up having premarital sex. So that was mistake number three, not him, but having sex before marriage of course.

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Abigail said...

This is such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing. We are each so blessed on our journey to marriage- thanks for sharing your story!