More preparation for pregnancy #3-hello ob/gyn #3

In preparing to get pregnant, I knew I would need a local ob/gyn for hcg, ultrasounds, and delivery. He would have to be Catholic and ProLife and he would have to be willing to listen to Dr. Hilger’s and Dr. Toth. I found this man in Dr. A. Unfortunately, he was just two floors above my old ob/gyn and I hated going into the building and the memories it stirred up for me. I was on the verge of tears before I even made it into the elevator for the consultation.
Dr. A was warm and comforting. He didn’t say “wow, I am fascinated by Dr. Toth’s research or anything of the sort. But he said he would try it, it couldn’t hurt, and he would help in any way he could. He would try to do the IV locally.
So, once I heard from Dr.Toth we were for sure doing the IV, I called Dr. A and asked him to please try to find out how to get an IV ordered locally and ambulatory. At the same time I booked a refundable flight to NY in case Dr. A couldn’t do it. Thank goodness we had a free Southwest ticket or we would have been looking at $600 for the late notice and, of course, we would need the IV right around Thanksgiving! And if we didn’t get pregnant, this month, then it would be right around Christmas! I learned from Dr. Toth also that I would have to be recultured in NY two months after the iv, so I could always rebook the flight for then.

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