Med Log 2.4.08-2.26.08

Mon 2.4.08 5 weeks 6 days (dates are from conception) hcg was 12708 Continued to take my progesterone on Mon and Thurs and get draws every other Thursday to determine need and dose (mailed to Dr. Hilger's lab in Omaha).

Thurs 2.7.08 6 w 2 days, progesterone was in zone 4, 46.4

Fri. 2.8.08 6 w 3 days-Heartbeat!  It was 122 bpm and .55 cm crown rump length.  The baby measured exactly 6 w 2 days. Keeping an eye on cyst present.

Tues 2.13.08 7 weeks First appt actually seeing ob/gyn.  His involvement was everything but the progesterone and infection management.

Thurs 2.22.08 8 weeks 2 days Progesterone is 35 (zone 3 now)

Tues 2.26.08 9 weeks Concerned about progesterone so asked to be scanned.  Scan #3=heartrate at 175, about 1 inch crown rump length, and baby measured 9 weeks 1 day.  Baby was squirming and you could see it in ultrasound!  Cyst remained, plus another.

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