Letter 6 from 6.27.08

June 27, 2008

My love,

I will never get over how amazing it is to see you in a sonogram picture! I want to see you every day that way! We left the office last time with a picture of your five perfect fingers! And your dad is just in awe as I am!

We went to Las Vegas, an adult city, to spend one last vacation before you were born. I don’t want to travel too close to my due date-you just never know! Aunt J had A very early; we are trying to prevent this with shots twice a week, but still…a friend just had their little one four weeks early and her husband was in St. Louis! He managed to get back in time, but my family is known for quick labors. Of course, that means if I expect it you will probably take days! :)

I just can’t imagine waiting that long for you! I am already anxious for you to come, though I want you to stay inside me and grow strong. I know you are safe and well taken care of as long as you are there!

While I went to a beautiful family reuninion and memorial service for my mom's side of the family, your daddy stayed back and spend the day painting your room with his mom, Grandma Coleen. It looks so amazing! Goodbye pink tree, hello calming green! I absolutely love the color! And your giraffe your daddy and I picked out for you at MGM in Vegas looks so cute in there. I keep thinking of what I want where to make it the most special room ever. The main message I want to get across is how much you are loved! I want it to be just right, with a special unique touch that says it was meant just for you.

Daddy and I registered for you this week. We put all sorts of nice and functional things on the list. I think we will get more than we need, as we have always been blessed with abundant famiy and friends who are extremely supportive. We will have three showers-one thrown by daddy’s aunt Candy for the Johnsons, one thrown by my sister for our couples friends (church and college), and one thrown by Alisha for high school friends, Thomas family, and a few others like Nan, who is also pregnant. Everyone is working hard to make those days special and fun. We are so blessed and loved!

I feel you get stronger in me every day. It is still so novel to feel you move within me. Now my stomach moves as well-a big jump out to the side when you move or kick! You seemed to love the comedian, George Wallace, in Vegas. And you also kicked all through Cirque D’ Solei. There was beautiful music and drums and I felt you were swimming within me creating your own beautiful performance! I told Fr. Tom how you kicked through the teen mass with the contemporary music and he thought you were going to have musical talent! I hope so-but neither your father nor I do! I just hope you can walk through a doorway without hitting your shoulder! But if not, you will just take after your mom! Speaking of, your daddy is quite talented! We watched him play basketball and tennis a few weeks ago for corporate challenge. I think you loved the noise and reverations in the gym-you kicked a lot then too-maybe to support your daddy? He brought home two gold medals! I am always amazed athleticism comes with ease for him, and hope you are lucky to receive that gift. However, I know whatever talents God has in store for you, they will be amazing.

One final preparation-daddy and I bought a new farmily car. A nice safe one for you! We are getting close to being ready. We just need to buy a crib and maybe a glider, and once we have the showers we will have plenty of nice things to fill your drawers and closet and toybox with! We are all signed up for our classes to take, and daddy and I are ready everything we can to be knowledgable about taking care of you. My favorite so far is Life Giving Love, by Kimberly Hahn. Well that is it for now. I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you! I can’t wait to meet you precious one!

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