Med log 5.1.08-6.6.08

Thurs, 5.1.08, 18 w 3 days, Prog was 39.5, low zone 2, back to shots twice a week

Tues, 5.6.08, 19 w, Ultrasound!  Head measured 18 w 6 days and 19 w 2nd time, Femur was 18 w 6 days and Abdomen was 18 w 6 days.  Perfect!  good spine.  Heartrate was 144, and tons of good "fetal activity" :)

Wed, 5.7.08, 19 w 1 day, Doppler only at doctor's appt, went well.  Alterations lady measured me 36" with hips 38.5"! :) 

At 20 weeks I had gained 15 pounds

Thurs, 5.15.08, 20 w 2 day, Progesterone was 59.1, zone 3, I was told I could go down to 1 shot a week, but it was okay to keep 2x a week if that made me more comfortable.  Guess what I chose ? ;)

Fri, 5.30.08, 22 w, 2 days.  Progeterone was one day later b/c missed memorial day shot-took it  a day late.  It was 63.6, high zone 2 (below avg) so keeping 2x week shot

Ultrasound one day in the following week (exact date unknown): Baby weighs 1 lb 7 oz!  in the 47%; head was 24 w 1 day and 23 w 6 day; belly was 23 w 3 days and head was 24 w 5 days so more variability, but still right on track!

Fri, 6.6.08-My birthday!  Being pregnant makes turning 30 such a joy.  My mom had me when she was 30 (granted, I was her 3rd), but I realize that it is such a blessing being pregnant relatively young with our struggles!  Alteraations lady measured my belly at 38"

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