Home from NY-Letter 3-3.6.08

March 6th, 2008

Precious One,

You have had a busy few weeks in the womb! First, I was a little nervous about not hearing your little heartbeat in awhile; in addition, my progesterone level was going down. I didn’t know that was normal, so I requested an ultrasound from Dr. A. They were nice enough to get me in quickly; so quickly (45 min) that your dad couldn’t be at the appt! It was so wonderful to see your heart rate at 175, just as it should be. But even better was the joy from seeing you do a full body wiggle there on the screen-your happy dance I called it! It seems you like having your picture taken!

On March 1st, you had a very special day-you received your first sacrament! Most people are at least born before they get theirs-but not you. I saw in the bulletin at church that they were doing Healing of the Sick as a diocesan event, so I after praying at the abortion mill, I went there to join in on the blessing. It was beautiful, and the priest understood me when I said “there are two of us wanting the sacrament” and touched my tummy. He blessed me first, then put his hands on my tummy and blessed you little one. Tears streamed down my face! We were additionally blessed to receive Lourde’s water afterwards, which I chose to drink.

On March 2nd we were off for your first plane ride! Your dad and I were anxious as we went across the country to hear from the pathologist how things were going with your and our health. Dr. Toth was wonderful, and he could only say great things about you! He thought that you were growing perfect-your brain, spinal cord, the sac you were in, the fluid in the sac, all good things! You even repeated your wiggle dance so your daddy could see. He asked the doctor when we could stop worrying that you would be okay, and Dr. Toth told us that you were conceived healthily, that the IV helped keep you that way, and that he would see to it that anything that tried to get in the way of your health was stopped on the spot! We were so relieved! Your dad especially floated through the office to the airport, calling his mom, his sister, his grandma…He kept grinning and looking at me and saying “we’re gonna have a baby!” He made plans to tell his boss when we got home.

Well that is it for now. It’s been a busy, but wonderful time! I am growing at a faster rate than expected (looking more fat than pregnant-:)), and I am happy to say that just in the last 36 hrs I am starting to have more energy and able to not feel sick if I don’t eat all the time! I will be in maternity clothes before you know it!

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