Med Log 3.3.09-4.17.08

Mon, 3.3.08, 9 w 6 days-u/s in NY Baby looked great, curled up but squirming.  Placenta did implant, no clots, good amt of amniotic fluid, none on brain, spial cord fused, looked "infection free" per Dr. Toth.  Heart rate "looked good", exact number not known.

Thurs, 3.6.08, 10 w 2 days-Progesterone is 44.9 so zone 4.  MOre energy, not feeling as sick when don't eat so no longer wearing the sea bands.

Wed, 3.12.08, 11 w 1 day-Doppler at ob/gyn office and found hb 170-175.  I declined other testing-no need to worry over false positive, if truely something wrong it wouldn't change our plans to have this blessing, and there would be nothing we could do in the womb to prevent anything at that point anyway.

Thurs, 3.20.08, 12 w 2 d-Progesterone was 32.3, so high zone 2.  Excited to be in my friend's wedding-had to get a bridesmaid dress made to look like others but account for my growing belly.  Alterations lady measured me 32" around.

Thurs, 4.3.08, 14 w 2 day-Progesterone was 50.3 so zone 3, same amt of shot as before, but only one per week (Thurs instead of Mon and Thurs).

Wed, 4.9.08, 15 w 1 day-doppler only looked good

Thurs, 4.17.08, 16 w 2 day-progesterone was 50.7, zone 3, no change in dosing

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