oops letter 5 from 6.10.08

June 10th, 2008

Dearest Charbelle-

It’s been such a wonderful experience being pregnant! I know that you are safe and growing, well fed and rested and have all your needs met. All this and I have two hands free! :)

It’s been amazing to watch my belly grow and to know you are growing too! I love the sight of my big belly, and your daddy loves it too! It is all so novel for us! I read you are about 1 pound right now and about 12 inches-it seems so big compared to when we were excited you were the size of a grape! I wonder what I will look like when you are seven pounds! :)

I also read this week that soon anytime I will be able to see your kicks that I enjoy feeling so much! I have loved to feel you get stronger each week, and was so excited at the implications of seeing your kicks-it means your daddy can finally feel them too! On my 30th birthday you gave me a special gift, you kicked my hand! Then I knew the time to wait was short! We waited anxiously all week and this morning you were especially active. You seem to be an early riser like your mama and daddy, and so I laid in bed at 6:45am and felt you active. After several kicks I had your daddy wake up and roll over to put his hand under my belly. I was laying on my left side. A wide smile grew across his face and I knew that he had felt you. You gave him a few good kicks and made his day!

My friend told me last night that eventually I would even see your hand push on the inside of my tummy. I can’t even fathom! So amazing! I also read that you can feel my body movements change, and that I could sway to music and rock you. You seemed to enjoy the music at church and in my car, and you kick away. Will you be a musician? A singer? I hope you have better musical talent than me, but enjoy it just as much! You also kicked when the buzzers were going off when we watched your daddy play basketball this past weekend for corporate challenge? Will you inherit your daddy’s athletic ability? Whatever you are, whatever you do, you will be just perfect, this I know!

If anyone would ask me, I would guess I was having a boy. Perhaps b/c no one in my family had a boy first, or because of one very special name, Charles Raphael. However, I have been referring to you as a she for so long! I am sorry if that is wrong, but CharBelle (your daddy’s first nickname for you-one of many I am sure) sounds more feminine. So we will just wait and see!

Speaking of birthdays, you made my thirtieth glorious! I don’t know if I would have had the usual 30 glums at getting older, but it wasn’t even close to an issue. Here I was so blessed with a wonderful husband, family, lots of friends, my dream house and carrying our miracle in my womb! What could be better? To top it off, my mother had me when she was thirty. It seems like such a special connection.

I can’t wait for the doctor this week. On Wednesday, daddy and I will visit Dr. A to see the four chambers of your heart-amazing! I can’t wait to see you dance and squirm on the screen again! I always find comfort in our doctor’s visits. Daddy has a friend at work that gave birth at 24 weeks. We are 24 weeks this week. If you are ever going to listen to me, mind me now: stay put! Grow strong inside me and I will try to wait patiently for an on time arrival. We want you to be as healthy as possible! We will continue to pray for you!

Much love to our beautiful child-God has great things in store for you!


Mommy and Daddy

P.S. My friend is convinced you will be a saint, but no pressure! You can be anything you want to be, of this I am sure!

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