Med log 7.23.08-8.21.08

7.23.08, 30 w 1 day, Everything looked good, averaging about 30 weeks and about 3 1/2 lbs so 56th percentile.  The head is now down, the face is back and the feet are to the right.  The back is across my stomach and they continue to say we wouldn't know the sex even if we wanted to.  That helps during tough moments, but so far, waiting to learn the gender has been easier than we expected.

7.24.08 30 w 2 days, Progesterone was 115, zone 3. Doc said I could stop prog or choose to do it 1 x/week, so that is what I chose to do, of course.

8.7.08, Prog was 130, zone 3.  Chose to continue with 1x/week

8.18.08, 33 weeks?  Heart rate was 140-155, they guessed 4 1/2 lbs, lots of movement, belly was 34"

8.21.08, progesterone was 96.8!  high zone 1, recommended I go on both the 2 shots per week (and max doese) and also sustained release orals twice a week.  Hold on, baby, we want to meet you but want you safe inside until the proper time!  Scary!

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