Shout out to my BFF

I am also incredibly thankful for my BFF.  We have known each other since fifth grade, but it was high school before we started hanging out daily.  A ton of crazy adventures and memories followed-too many to name!  She was my college roommate, made of honor at my wedding, and I just couldn't ask for a better friend.  I admire her so much! 
Recently I was talking about making the most with the state in life you are in, not wishing it away.  I know that BFF would like to be married right now.  I know she will make an amazing wife and mother.  But it isn't her time yet, so right now she is doing something that would be incredibly difficult if she was a wife and mother.  She is Peru, yes Peru, having the adventure of her life and also doing volunteer work.  She will be gone a total of 2 months.  She has an amazing blog where she tracks her adventures.  Check it out here!  I know she will be homesick tomorrow though, it being Thanksgiving, so this is my shout out!  We miss you, BFF!    Sending big hugs to you right now!

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Alisha said...

Thanks, BFF! You ARE the best. I miss you and cant wait to see you!