This and That *updated with pics

AF is tapering off and I am thankful to still be seeing pink (as opposed to brown).  Thanksgiving was very nice and peaceful-the perfect combo of relaxation and also the bustle and chaos of a large extended family.  I love that DH's family lives in the country!  We were able to wake up Friday to a yard full of turkeys-so cool! 

I was glad DH wanted to come home on Saturday instead of Sunday so that we had some time for our immediate family and weren't rushed into the week. 

We were able to splurge on some small house items Friday-some rugs for the kitchen, pics for the living room, solar lights for out front.  The rugs are checked and make me smile whenever I look at them. They are the perfect fit for my bright kitchen/hearth room without being overkill.  I placed one of my crazy plates on the ottomon so you can see what I have been trying to match.

We have been in our home, I call it our "forever home", over 2 years but it is still far from decorated and it was nice to get a little closer. 

Charlie is a lot of fun these days.  Each phase brings with it new joys.  Here are some recent things I love-him eating a big apple, him putting his elbows up and hands crossed behind his head, holding his hands together behind his back, he is trying to figure out nodding which is funny, saying "up" at my feet, attempting to say "dump truck", saying tree and smiling at our Christmas tree.  He constantly is bringing me us books or his dad a ball to engage us in play.  Every day I thank God for this miracle of life!

Unfortunately tonight he has some congestion, is hoarse (which is cute!), and a low grade fever.  I am working on switching meetings tomorrow to stay with him.  (I work part time-usually from home, but he has the most wonderful sitter, a friend from church we trust immensely that watches only him and her own children.  She totally treats him like her own). 

Feeling very blessed, as I do most days.  I am looking forward to Advent and prayer partners, but I am also struggling with the amount of things I am juggling, what I need to get done at work, for school, for my family, in preparation for Christmas (both faith wise and family wise).  So tomorrow it is back to reality, after a very very nice extended holiday weekend.  (sorry the pics are a little out of order, I was trying to mess with them and only made it worse-still learning...)


Ann - Building a Nest said...

I have that same picture in my guest bathroom :)

WheelbarrowRider said...

That is so funny! We got three and were going to put them in the living room, but they are just so perfect in the dining room (really play room, no furniture, just a great rug and paint job-the walls are rust!) Still trying to decide if putting up 1 or all 3...funny I happened to put that one in the pic!