Strength through Adversity

I had to come back and add to the earlier post b/c there were too many good things that were said after I wrote it that I hadn't read yet. First of all, wow! The first reading 2 Maccabees 7:1, 30-31 is about an amazing mom that watched all 7 of her sons be killed because they stood up for the Lord and wouldn't cave to pressure. She speaks to the last son before he dies and her words are ones to give him strength and courage and to go with dignity, unwavering. Amazing. I tell myself everday that Charlie is a gift and that at anytime God may call him back to Him. But these are actions that really back that up. The strength that must've been required...I only hope I'd be that strong in such difficult circumstances! The bible has such awesome examples of strong women! The reflection in Word Among Us ties this women back to Mary's strength when her son is on the cross. It provides words of hope in difficult times: "Don't forget who God is! Remember His love for you! Remember...he has everything under his control, no matter how bad things may seem right now. No matter what you are going through...God walks with you and will give you his divine strength! ...When you are tempted to sin or feel weighted down by burdens, try to picture the God who made the universe looking on you in love." Awesome!

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Maria Therese said...

Hi! I posted on my website about a subject dear to my heart, the Blessed Mother and the Seven Sorrows Rosary! I recently bought a wonderful Seven Sorrows Rosary booklet and a Seven Sorrows Rosary from Immaculee. It is the second post on my blog.

Maybe when you get a chance, you will come check it out and share a little about your own devotion to the Seven Sorrows (Do you pray this special rosary? Have you received any special graces from praying this rosary?)! I would LOVE to hear more about this!

Thank you so much!

May God Bless you and your beautiful family!

Maria :)