So I was talking CM with my hairdresser...

And now she is going to chart!  I got a text from my practitioner and I had to read it twice before it sunk in.  "Your hairdresser called me.  Are they struggling with IF?"  My hairdresser.  The one I have seen only, like 3 times (I switched when I cut my hair short).  The 2nd time I saw her, knowing she was getting married soon and Catholic, we talked about the engaged encounter weekend.  I told her how my hubby and I spoke at one about NFP and how we want to do more, etc.  She didn't have anyone talk about that at hers, strange because I am pretty sure that a requirement in our diocese and I specifically asked to make sure it wasn't out of town or anything.  Anyway, her fiancee and her want to have kids and she was very interested.  So there I was rambling on to this stranger over a blow dryer about CM etc but what the heck, right?  All for a good cause.  And hairdressers, they sort of get paid to hear you blab on and they have to be polite back so maybe I was taking a little advantage of that fact, but I didn't care.  I ended up giving her my gal's #, but with wedding planning etc etc I just really didn't think she took me seriously.  You know, the part about her being paid to listen to me threw me, so it was hard to tell if the interest was genuine!  She actually called.  She actually has an appt.  I was totally delighted and squealing in my car and everything-totally made my day.

Another random note-I have been really bad about reading the Word Among Us, one of many things I have stunk at lately on the faith front. Today I opened it up and it said" let us bear our cross and leave it to God to determine the length and the weight." -St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. Maybe it should have said "wait?" :) Certainly words worth remembering. 

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Sew said...

Stuff like that always get me pissy pants excited!! I get really passionate about things that have helped me, so I always think, this will help someone else! Plus with CRMS you really can't go wrong!

Bowel issues and mucus are my topics of choice! I love to talk about mucus!! Oh and poo!!! hahahaha

I agree wait is what it should have said. The "weight" is already there. :)