Symtoms by Trimester

First trimester

 Small amt of acid reflux-like something was stuck in my throat

 Very sick when didn’t eat enough

 Vivid dreams- weird things I never dreamed about before

 Went to the bathroom a ton, esp in the night and with iv

 Tender chest, lots of growing in that area

 Stomach relaxes, lots of bloating, stomach began to grow

 First nose bleed at end of trimester

 Lots of pineapple and fruit

 Easily influenced to crave food

 Very tired-naps plus bed about 9pm.

 Two cysts, one quite large
Second trimester

 Three nose bleeds in one week, then no more

 Definitely in maternity clothes and showing by 14 weeks

 Still can’t push not eating too far, blood sugar drops off, that was gone by week 19 (returned later)

 Getting up about once a night to pee

 Still tired, but not as bad

 2nd half-breasts not as sore, nose bleeds quit, can be hungry, still vivid dreams about random things, little aches and pains start again, conscious of btw shoulder blade pain, shoulder pain and back pain necessitating the right shoes, posture etc

 At least one week of burping around 19 when I was also sick

 Felt the baby kick at almost 19 weeks for first time-small bubbles popping-grew harder each week. Once even felt a flip over.

 Hips feel increasingly loose and sore

 Increased energy

 A little heart burn

 Baby hiccups once
Third trimester:

 Baby feels like it is taking up all the room in my stomach; kicks are much harder

 movement increases that isn’t just kicks, but full body movements-feel baby move in multiple places at same time.

 Temperature increases-less comfortable sleeping at night b/c hot-feel warm almost all the time, a good 10 degrees hotter than normal, more along DH's temp or even hotter

 Feel like going to vomit again if don’t eat soon

 Have to urinate often again

 Heartburn increases, especially when hungry

 Tiredness increases, plus no more T3 add to it.

 Baby is head down-feels like movement inside pelvis and kicks in the ribs

 Baby is mostly on one side, leaving a little room on the other side

 No room to eat, full easy, hungry again very quickly

 Loose stools (one per day)-body is preparing to have the little one-got very very loose after just a bowl of cereal at week 39

 Nausea starts happening about 8 ½ months along, feel like going to throw up but don’t, usually when need to eat

 Cramping pain occurs mostly in morning-some twings and twangs too

 Baby feels very low, almost like going to fall out when walking-comes and goes

 After 35 weeks started s ciatic nerve stuff-first numbness in right leg, just felt odd

 After 37 weeks started feeling sciatic pain I couldn’t walk when it struck

 Since about 37 weeks felt pressure on my ribs, hot continuous but an hour here or there

 Feet swollen for first time at 37 ½ weeks-not much, but a little

 Hands swollen 1 x due to salt at 38 weeks

 About 38 weeks had nerve pain on left side

 Bottom of Feet feel tender at night and first thing in morning

 Been pretty lethargic

 General baby movement feels like decreased, but easy to stimulate movement by rubbing anywhere I feel baby

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