To NY or not to NY-that is the question

Sharing the bfp news with the gals on the boards, more details of the inner workings!
Well, of course the best laid plans...I was all set to go to NY (prepared in mind and body!) in March (all but plane tickets) and assumed a BFN (big fat negative-not pregnant in IF lingo) this next cycle since I had zero symptoms. However, we did have a history of getting pregnant fairly easy (1 or 2 cycles of effectove trying) I shouldn't have been too surprised when the BFP ("big fat positive," ie. pregnant) came yesterday after 3 cycles ttc (but five or so on Biaxin, since that included our avoiding time after the last miscarriage). Sooo exciting! At 15dpo (days post ovulation) I had a quant hcg of 546, which is pretty good.
I spent the day coordinating btw Dr. Toth's office, the local ob/gyn, the local infusion company, and Dr. Hilger's. I had a pretty good plan in place-another hcg Saturday and Monday, an ultrasound as soon as I hit 2000 hcg, another progesterone draw a week from Thursday (but keep in mind I am already on max dose shots), an IV put in tomorrow morning, and a trip to NY on 3/3 to see where I am at with the bacteria etc and how effective the IV was. Whew-that was definitely a full day's work!:) There was more drama coordinating the IV-the ladies at Hilger's office that set it up are out of town (yes, BOTH of them!) but left good notes and a nurse was very helpful. We were both shocked to find out today that the infusion company DOES not actually place the mid-line. They provide the pump and meds, hook it up, take care of it while it's in, and remove it. Everything but place it. I think the gals at Dr. Hilger's were aware, but somehow I missed that point so it through me for a loop. However, it turned out fine because the agency does contract out for that at the local hospitals and other companies. Midwest Vascular Access placed the line by coming to my home. It is additional money that we didn't count on, but AlternaCare is no longer requiring me to pay up front. They will bill all of it (and are a Cigna preferred provider) including what Midewast Vascular Access does. So, I did all I could in advance and now I just needed to put my faith in God that whatever happens is His will and try not to fret! Easier said than done, of course!

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