Cycles Post Nursing and Rookie Mistakes

Can cycles smoke crack?  Just kidding.  Sorry, that is a crass habit I must move past (btw, my sister's husband actually did smoke crack so you think that would have helped me kick the habit by now, no pun intended...just a little insight to my less than perfect nutty family that I love so much even when they drive me nuts-ha!)

Okay, so here is what my cycles have looked like post baby/nursing.  (Recap-I nursed my son for about 12 months, but he was completely weened by his birthday; I started dropping feedings slowly at 9 months (mastitis, etc, another story for another day...)  My period didn't come back until 3 weeks after his birthday.  Those that don't want it to return get it in 4 months; I was ready to have #2 at 4 months so mine came back late-oh well.) :)

I was dry the entire time nursing (I guess some get mucus the entire time).  Then I got some mucus here and there for 6 different times.  The last time I had 3 post peak dry days and then my cycle started for the first time.  I had 4 light days and that is it.  I was told that the second one back is the bad one.  The first cycle I had 10Kx1 on CD15 and then 10Kx1on CD21.  Odd.  And that was it for mucus.  So late peak I guess, delayed with stress maybe?  Weird.

The 2nd cycle had a much stronger period-heavier than what is typical for me.  It lasted 7 day (typical) but had some heavey and more medium than typical for me.  It really wasn't as bad as I expected.  then came the crazy mucus.  I had 10Cx1 on CD 9, then 10Cx1 on CD 15, then 7 days of mucus that was mostly 10 C/K Lx1 and went from 1-5" (sorry TMI).  Seriously-7 days!  Totally unmedicated-just prenatals, T3, and B6.  Then I had a dry day (CD 25) and then I had 8cKx1 on CD 26.  I was an idiot and went with the last day of post peak mucus (typical instructions) instead of point of change (CD 24-the 5" day) which was the instructions I had when I got pregnant.  So...P +7 was Dec. 26th so I continued what I fondly refer to my traveling tour of the U.S. hospital labs and got my blood drawn in my hubby's home town 3 hrs away, a first for me, surprisingly.  But that wasn't the real peak plus 7 because I didn't go with the point of change, and peak plus 7 turned into CD1 (grrr) so there should be no surprise that I had very low hormones on my first cycle review since the baby (pro 1.2, est 2.2) with Dr. Hilger's staff.  So...this draw was supposed to determine the meds for current cycle so we could ttc next cycle, but I am thinking probably no dice.  I mean, the draw gave Dr. H no information at all.  We will see.  Waiting on return call from the nurses.  I am at peace with it, really, just feel silly I made the error.  I would rather do things right and that will likely mean waiting. I trust Dr. H and we will do whatever he recommends.  I learned from this I don't know everything (haha) and made an appt with my Fertility Care practitioner immediately.


Find joy in every journey said...

Glad to hear you have an appointment, I was going to recommend that! I have seen some crazy post partum cycles lately, you are no different! Sounds like your body is trying to get going again, any thoughts on just throwing in some antibiotics for the heck of it?

This_Cross_I_Embrace said...

I was going to suggest some abx, too!!

Us DT gals gotta stick together ;)

I hope things sort out soon and can't wait to see you get #2 on the first TTC cycle (I pray that will happen)!

WheelbarrowRider said...

thanks, gals! I appreciate the advice from the experts. I did plan on going on abx since we "resumed" after Charlie was born (hilger's said he would script the same biaxin when I asked ages ago), but there hasn't been any brown bleeding. periods are surprisingly red. So, that just makes me curious-what part of my cycle lead you both to thing abx? I assume the nurses will call back tomorrow, but today was CD 3 when I would have taken clomid. I am curious to see if they do say to wait another month and if they also agree to abx based on my cycle.

WheelbarrowRider said...

And thanks for the prayers, A-that is awesome! Would that be an amazing testament!

Fertile Thoughts said...

I haven't a clue about your charts because it all sounds unfamiliar to me. Clearly I am not a Creighton instructor...just wanted to stop over and say I am praying for you!
Maybe the girls are right about the abx. I have knwo clue though:)

mrsblondies said...

Praying for you. I have no advice other than TCIE and FJIEJ are pretty smart.

WheelbarrowRider said...

Whatever the reason for it, Dr. H agrees :) Smart ladies!