A Past New Year's Blooper to inspire, or at least make you laugh!

In reading other's posts, I am reminded of a funny story re: resolutions.  For those who know me IRL, they know that a) I love to make lists (I am surrounded by post its-I can spend the day organizing, reorganizing and organizing my lists rather than completing them!), b) I love to mark something off a list more than making them, and c) if I do something dumb (often) I love to share it with others so they can have a good laugh over it too (usually it is something incredibly embarrassing like running into a glass door, peeing my pants from laughing, or something similar that would mortify most people.  Most recently it was that my fast lane turnpike tag fell off my passenger seat and my bag fell on top of it so the sensor didn't pick it up and I ran into the bar that goes up going about 20 mph.  Fortunately, it was heavily padded!  I about peed my pants!) .  Here is a story about all three and ties into New Year's resolutions.  (by the way, I am fully aware of how dorky all of this sounds!)

It was just before New Year's (I was going to say a year or two ago-to my dissapointment I just checked and it was 2003-where does the time go?!) and I sat down at my computer to write my list "goals 2004".  My list is always way too lofty, and this year I decided to divide my list into mind, body and spirit categories so that it could help me be a more well-rounded person (sound familiar, Ann?! haha!)  I had completed my list (see unedited list below, if interested) and was feeling very proud of myself and optimistic.  As I was saving it on my computer, and picked the appropriate file folder, I noticed another document in the same folder "goals 2003" (no lie, same title, year before).  I was curious, having zero recollection of this (I have the worst memory on the planet, hence the lists) and feeling nostalgic I opened it and quickly fell from my place of pride as I viewed an almost identical list, complete with similar categories!  I couldn't believe it. Not only is my memory worse than I thought, but I had basically not moved forward in a year!  Shortly after I could look on this with humor, as with most things.  I was determined to make the current list actually happen.  Putting my behavior background to use (or really the skills that anyone who knows anyone that has ever potty trained a child would have), I designed a chart for my frig where I could see my goals daily and track my progress.  It was helpful, and I remember vaguely that I did make adequate progress on those goals (so go for it, Misfit!).  Hope my goofiness makes you chuckle!  Happy New Year, blog friends!  I hope you are better at keeping resolutions than I am/was!

The 2004 list I made
Church Goals (Spirit)

 Finish Romance bible study
 Start Creed I class to further knowledge of the Catholic faith
 Read the bible
 Church 1-2xs per week
 Regular confession (1-3 months)
 Become Eucharistic Minister
 Don’t use Lord’s name in vain

Health Goals (body)
 Don’t overcome skin to sun
 Floss daily
 Eat out less for saving $-if eat out make good choices
 Limit intake of bread (esp at home) and sweets (choc 1x per week?)
 Work out three times cardio at apt gym
 Drink more water/drink less alcohol (limit 2)
 Pay more attn to driving in general-don’t take risks and SLOW DOWN!
 Sit ups or Denise Austin video
 When have dog "custody", be more physical with him, walk/run him, play fetch…
 Remove contacts every night

Mind Goals (Intellectual Growth)
 Read more nonfiction to learn about areas I am not strong in (presidents, geography, history/dates…). In general learn new things.
 Work on writing ability (use writing center, ask Ray, get reference book)
 Finish my thesis!!!
 Get straight A’s/type class notes
 Follow my alumi's sports' teams
 Cook new meals
 Watch less tv and read more
 budget better/save money/no credit card use

Interpersonal Goals
 Be tolerant of family
 Spend more time with youngest sister asking about her day
 Listen more
 Talk less
 Do not gossip or share something someone wouldn’t want shared about them
 Hold back judgements, esp don’t voice them
 Make better choices when it comes to dating and physical limits
 Never say no to helping others, esp mom

Self Growth
 be aware of my own shortcomings
 be less rigid
 learn from my mistakes
 don’t cuss
 branch out past my comfort zone (internship, living situation, public speaking, help with mass, softball team)

2003 list I discovered when saving 2004 list

• Attend mass every Sunday-take part in the Blood of Christ.
• Attend Bible study every Thursday.
• Read books about living faithfully-Passion and Purity, Saying no, Dating, Courtship.
• Learn more about the Catholic faith-apologetics, Mary, the saints.
• Attend young adult events.
• Attend confession every 1-3 months.
• Live more like Jesus would want, particularly in situations with friends.
Be less critical of others in thoughts and words and don’t gossip.
In my words-cuss less, don’t use God’s name in vain, temperance (in drinking).
More modest in dress and actions.
Christ-like view of dating and the purpose. Less physical…
• Keep the company of others that have high standards.
 Help others learn and grow when possible.
• Never say no to helping out others.

• Figure out a path for next year’s job and schooling required.
• Attend classes and do well this semester, Spring 2003.
• Read for enjoyment-Left Behind, Hobbit, autism books, Boy’s Life…
• Less television.
• Less time being idle.
• Be more pleasant in the mornings about getting up.
• Enjoy my job more/take pride in it.

• More control over spending-eat out less, less need to have to fulfill-read book Money, Possessions and Eternity. Stay out of malls.
• Take extra jobs to continue to pay debt.
• More control over eating-seek out healthy cooking.
• Work out at Ann’s gym at least 3 times a week.
• Situps four times a week.
• Floss every day.
• Brush teeth min two times every day.
• Take contacts out every night.


Ann - Building a Nest said...

Oh. My. That is such an ambitious list! Simplify!

Alisha said...

I remember you sharing this with me when you discovered the old list when saving the new... So funny! The nearly identical lists show that you knew who you were and who you wanted to be six years ago! And you have made progress over time. That is awesome! I am currently working on similar lists for this year. Maybe I should check my computer for last year's list... lol

Nicole said...

First - your comment about peeing your pants made me laugh so hard I almost peed mine.

Second - you dont take your contacts out every night! SHAME!

Third - I was also laughing about the Toll Tag incident. We just drove all over Dallas this past week and I kept telling my husband that he kept going in the fast pass lane and we are not fast pass users - we are totally gonna get a ticket in the mail. :)

Happy New Year!

WheelbarrowRider said...

Nicole, Glad it made you laugh-that was def the point! Although the contacts were an issue in 2003 and 2004 apparently, somewhere since then I have managed to remove them nightly and can't imagine sleeping in them ever-how crazy was I? Other things on both lists still an issue, but at least that one I can mark off! progress! lol
Ann, agreed, the lists are INSANE. This year there is one thing on the list: dissertation. It's go big or go home, people! This thing must be done! (of course I have 2 others snuch in written in fine print at the bottom: better prayer life and blog! Hee, hee! I could never stick to just one resolution!)
Alisha, my BFF, love you so much! You know me best, you have seen first hand my crazy list making personality, laughed (and peed?) with me through all my bloopers, and suffered through the effects of my insane memory loss, and with all that you love me anyway!

Alisha said...

Sure do!

Ann - Building a Nest said...

Ha! Dissertation in 2010! You will do it!

The story was terribly funny. I'm sure you were feeling all proud of the "new" goals you had typed up and ready to conquer the new year only to find that you were in the same place as last year. This is so me.