Rough Day

Insurance companies are just evil.  I got a bill for my novarel.  $96.  I was hot!  And despite my blog venting, I really don't get hot that often.  It takes a lot, but once the train gets started, it takes awhile to put on the brakes.  (At least that was the analogy I used with dh this weekend.  Let's say Valentine's day was NOT like in the movies at our household). I called the insurance agency and they had the gall to tell me that Dr. H submitted the dx code that was IF.  I actually said BS to the lady.  I am not one to get mad at messengers, but she was starting to become part of the problem.  I was nice, but firm, after that and said the problem was on their end, NOT my the doctor's.  After looking into again she said the 2nd refill was under a different diagnosis code and was covered.  I told her it was merely a refill, nothing was actually resubmitted by the office, and she admitted it was a coding error then on their part.  I wonder if they get paid to make dx code errors.  Maybe that is too extreme, but I am really starting to wonder!

There is so much going on right now.  I am exhausted.  Charlie got the stomach bug right a few days before surgery to put in tubes.  He vomited for 4 hours, every 15 minutes, and not surprisingly he is being very difficult at meals-he has been traumatized!  The surgery was very minimal and he did great.  But there is still night waking (we were up 3 hrs last night!) and I am confused.  Has it turned behavioral?  Is he reflux not controlled by medication anymore?  The teeth are seeming to do a number on him too.  I wish it was just one thing at a time, but no, much more complicated than that.

Dh got stomach bug next and we had to cancel our Valentine's plans (we were celebrating early-Fri).  We had a nice day Saturday and took Charlie to his first basketball game at dh's alma mater.  It was a good time, but Charlie was exhausted the whole time and I felt bad for him, all that stimulation and all he wanted to do was sleep.  We planned it around his typical nap schedule, but he wasn't typical that day because of recouperating from the bug and surgery. (by the way, ped ENT told us it was fine to go and we used plugs to protect his hearing).

I dropped Charlie off at daycare today to work from home, only to have to pick him up a few hours later.  The sitter's daughter starting throwing up.  That is where we got the stomach bug in the first place, but I don't want to pass it back and forth.  He spent the day crying at my feet, and just having an overall rough day.  He is, at a minimum, exhausted like I am.  But kids have this crazy way of not wanting to sleep when they are over tired, so he wouldn't nap until later and napped shorter.  He pops up and shouts "all done" and you can't help but smile through the frustration.

Also I have MAJOR MAJOR family stuff going on right now with my sister and her kids and my parents and it is just ugly and sad.  I don't have the energy to go into detail now, but it has so many twists and turns it resembles a soap opera.  But it is my sister's life and even though she's nuts, it makes me sad.  And especially for her children.  It has also been a source of stress for dh and I lately, which just makes it worse.  He sees things black and white and forgets that it is my sister and his words are hurtful, even when I agree sometimes.

On a positive note, he did say I could hire someone to clean the house once to get the germs out and get us back on track.  And I got a call from my ob/gyn's office saying that my urine came back fine.  So strange.  They initially thought there was a UTI, but I guess when they cultured it out longer? it wasn't anything.  I don't know what the deal was, but I will take it.  The thought of something surviving those antibiotics...I shudder at the thought!

I hope everyone is having a better day than I am.  I need my child to eat and sleep so I can too and we can return to normal!


Ann - Building a Nest said...

Geez – What a bad few days you have had. I really hope Charlie starts to feel better and you can get some sleep. All the other stuff will be easier to handle once you and your son are well-rested.

On the insurance, DH always reminds me that insurance companies don’t make money by paying claims. They absolutely fight ever step of the way until they are forced. (disclaimer: I’ve never actually had any problems with our current insurer, but now that I’ve proclaimed that I’m sure that I will.)

I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Alisha said...

Hey, neighbor! I am sorry about all that yucky stuff. Sleep helps! I hope you get some tonight! Let me know if I can do anything. I am minutes away!

Thankful said...

I hope that you are able to get some reprieve from all that is happening. Great job on fighting the IF diagnosis with the insurance company. I remember the first time the diagnosis code was used for me - I gulped and continued on (we live in a state that requires basic IF coverage by insurance companies).

Second Chances said...

Man, you've had a dousie. I'm hoping EVERYTHING starts to turn around for you and your fam. I remember when my son had surgery to remove tonsils and adenoids, he was not himself for weeks! It was horrible. I think that anesthesia is really hard on little ones. Praying hard for you!

prayerfuljourney said...

I'm sure throwing up takes a lot out of little ones..especially since they have no idea what is going on. All they know is that they feel horrible and not much can help. Hope you don't end up with it too. Hopefully everything will be back to normal again soo.

That's too bad about the drama going on in your family. I have some of that going on too...I guess it's not so bad for me since this family member lives in another state. I wish he were closer so I could offer more support..and I could see my nephews more. However...then I'd have to deal with my SIL more. hmmmm....praying for peace for you and your family.

Life In Mazes said...

Goodness, I will say some extra prayers for all of your family! I hope the stress lessens very soon!

Karen said...

Ick. Sounds like a rough few days. Praying things get better. You are right, insurance companies are evil! I could spend several days talking about mine. I will be praying for your family too. I understand all too well family drama...and I think I may have a sister like yours too. I hope things turn around soon.

Pam said...

Am thrilled to find your blog! We're CrMS users too. :)


mrsblondies said...

Sorry you've had a rough few days. I hope your Lent is peaceful and fruitful.

WheelbarrowRider said...

Thanks for all your comments and support! Pam, I am so glad you are following!
As far as things go, it isn't any easier for us yet, but we will be turning a corner soon (I hope-have to keep saying that!) C stomach flu of vomiting went the other direction and we put him on the BRAT diet since Fri and finally got him back to normal bowel movements. Hope they stay as we introduce other foods today. His ear is reinfected-grrr-but the tubes will help. Yesterday he woke every hour on the hour-11:30-2:30 and then for the day at 6:30-yikes!
Family drama-I am sorry some of you can relate. It is easier when they live in a new state, but when they come back and move in with your mom and then are so rude and disrespectful to her and turn your house upside down so your mom's blood pressure makes her dizzy and your dad is so depressed he doesn't come out of bed, your sister cries in class and is sent home from college and your niece starts skipping school, the 2 little ones cry and journal but their mother tells you they can't hear a thing...it is a mess of mental illness and bad choices (including who she married-abuse and drugs) and her two younger ones-6 and 8 are caught in the middle. It saddens me and all I can do is be a reprieve for the family and pray. I haven't talked to my sister in over a week, since my parents had to kick her out. They said the kids could stay, but they took the two little ones, sadly. Just such a crummy situation and I feel pretty helpless...