Why Going to the Ob/Gyn Always Raises My Blood Pressure (and other randomness)

Today I had an appt with my relatively new ob/gyn (referred to as #4 in past posts, though I realized today he is technically #5-yikes!)  This is the one I switched to after the birth of Charlie.  For the story on that, click here.  I have a tip for any of you who might potentially be switching doctors. Even if you think you are only doing it once, instead of sending a copy of your medical records to your doctor directly, get that copy for yourself instead (and then ask any doctors you see to copy them from yours).  The reason being that there is usually a fee-sometimes cheap and sometimes ridiculous.  One of my past ob/gyn charged $16 and then 56 cents a page (why isn't there a cents sign on the keyboard!).  Anyway, thank goodness my state has a law that they can't charge over $50 as I have quite a chart!  I made the mistake of paying that $50 to have them transferred to a doctor, and then the doctor couldn't transfer them to my new ob/gyn because of HIP.PA.  They can only send records that have originated in their office.  A pain! 

Now I have had some bad ob/gyn experiences, but the worst is detailed here.  Because it is a long post (aren't they all?!) that includes my 2nd pregnancy, I highlighted the relevant part in dark blue.  I was going to my appt today for an annual as part of my "things to do before you start ttc" list (I had x-rays last week at the dental office, have consumed massive amounts of raw cookie dough and moderate amounts of alcohol-yes, sometimes at the same time). 

Going to the ob/gyn is always a bit of a nerve racking experience, and I am sure you ladies can probably relate.  First there is the fact that you have lots of information to tell them.  And it's all very important.  If you are like me, summarizing doesn't come easily.  And you know they don't have a lot of time.  And you don't want to come off psycho.  To combat this, this time I brought my records from the 2 ob/gyns that matter-the one I had miscarriages with and the one that delivered my son.  Then last night I drew up a summary sheet.  This idea was inspired by another blogger, and also because I was appalled at all the errors I read in my previous charts (information that supposedly came from me was misquoted).  I made myself limit it to one page, but I had to go front and back.  It started with a chart-diagnosis in one column, treatment in another, and how it was discovered and by who in the 3rd.  Then I had a short paragraph summarizing each of my 3 pregnancies.  I often have my docs fax each other, so their names and contact information was in the header.  I love organization and have a weird love of treating IF like an occupation (still waiting for the paycheck), so I was pretty proud of myself.  He genuinely seemed to appreciate it.  Secondly (have you forgotten point #1 already? I don't blame you, it was a lot of words ago!), the information is usually unpleasant to talk about.  For example, why must they ask "how many pregnancies?"  and "how many live births?"  That has to be the most insensitive question ever!  And then they confirm: "because of miscarriage?"  Seriously?  I mean, first I had to fill it out on the paper and then you have to make me verbalize it?  But it made me think, why else?!  And then I had that "duh" moment where I realize people who actually don't want to get pregnant but do, and in way too many of these cases, they abort.  Sobering thought.  Then I realized some of those women probably don't like that question either.  I imagine there is enough of us, between both camps, to get a petition going.  Anyway, between these two reasons, my blood pressure is always elevated at the ob/gyn!

The appt went as wonderfully as an annual can go.  First of all, I had to get rid of some pesky yeast (sorry TMI), as you can imagine that would put a damper on ttc; getting it was unavoidable since my 40 days of antibiotics (nothing spiritual about the # in that context; also not the norm-I take 10 days of biaxin cyclically, then doubled amox last month so 10 days due to long mucus phase, 5 day z-pack for infection tied to respiratory junk that stays in your system 10 days and then, bam, time for another 10 days biaxin cyclically again!)  I was a little dense though and let it get raging bad before I called Dr. H for diflu.can and it was not doing the trick.  So ob/gyn did see that on the slide and gave me another script (this time with 5 refills for future-good to have! Esp b/c I forgot to ask for one for dh-Dr. H always gives it to both of us).  Secondly, I was worried about bladder infection because despite the crazy load of antibiotics, I have had blood in my urine (my only symptom).  They tested and found something.  Interesting.  They are going to do further tests since they hate to put me on more antibiotics unless it's necessary.  Which leads me to wonder what the hell can survive all that has already been given?  Scary.  More on that later.  The third thing I wanted to get accomplished today was to remind my ob/gyn who I am since I have only seen him once, and what my ttc and pregnancy protocols are.  He totally wowed me by doing his homework before he walked in and confirming all of that before I opened my mouth.  He got triple bonus points for rejecting my gift of "Physicians Healed" since he already owns it, read it, loved it (he doesn't prescribe contraception-part of why I switched).  And he recently bought Dr. Hilgers' text book and is really enjoying it.  Hoping and praying that he will get trained in Omaha as he is Catholic, totally living it even as an ob/gyn, and we have zero napro trained ob/gyns in my area, shockingly.

So, the appt went great and all continues to be on track to ttc when fertile CM decides to appear (CD 14 and nothing yet) if I can get rid of this UTI and yeast infection!


Second Chances said...

Man! Those yeast infections are NASTY! I just finished a 7 day treatment of tercanozole or something like that. It helped a ton but I'm done now and I know it will come back.

That's so great that you have a truly "Catholic" OBGYN! You're very lucky. Mine is Catholic by name only. Very difficult.

Hope things clear up and the mysterious urine "bug" is nothing too major.

Praying for you!

the misfit said...

WOW that is a lot of stuff. You get all the possible mileage out of your OB/GYN appointments, I have to say. I usually just end up having them ruin something else in my reproductive system that was apparently working perfectly (but still not enough to get me pregnant) before they got involved.

Ann - Building a Nest said...

You do put a lot into your visits! Sounds like it went great.

mrsblondies said...

You have some good advice about doctor changing. Thanks. I hope the UTI and yeast infection get cleared up soon.

JellyBelly said...

Aren't UTI's the worst? I didn't have any symptoms either this time around, except for a sore lower back and pain first thing in the morning. Strange! I take a TON of acidophilus and my naturopath also put me on Candida drops this time around. I also have a back-up of Diflucan waiting just in case, but I really don't want take it!

Btw, you definitely get your mileage from your doctor's visit! Wow!

Tucked Beneath His Wing said...

Sounds like you have a good new doctor. That is awesome that he is familiar with Dr. Hilgers and is reading his book.

I hate the repetition of the OB/GYN office. I was just completing files for a new office that I am going too and because they have tons of forms, I have to write some things 2-3 times. Then I know the nurse will ask me some of the same questions and the doctor ask the exact same things. Just look at my chart please!