The Holy Spirit in My Life

I love the Holy Spirit!  It started with my crazy conversion at a Steubenville conference (click here and here to relive the craziness and learn the history of my blog name) when my friend, Sherri, calmed my nerves.  She told me anything was possible with the help of the Holy Spirit (when I was struggling with how I was going to explain my conversion, and the fact that I was no longer going to engage in premarital se.x to my now dh).  I said a lot of prayers to the Holy Spirit and we got through that difficult time a stronger and better couple.

Then (or maybe it was before-sorry, not sure), a speaker at my youth group talked about the key to happiness was to a say a prayer daily.  It was the first I had heard of this Holy Spirit prayer, but for some reason I actually believed him and started praying faithfully (this from a person who had probably said 10 rosaries in my whole life!)  Since then it has a been a mainstay in my life.  During every fear, every everything, I turn to this prayer.  Dh and I have prayed it together many time.  I know I have recommended it to many of you, and though it is on the front page of my blog, I am posting it again here.

Holy Spirit, Beloved of my soul, I adore you. Enlighten me. Guide me. Strengthen me. Console me. Tell me what I should do. I promise to accept all that you deisre of me and accept all you permit to happe to me. Let me only know your will. Amen

For Mother's Day, I received a necklace that has a beautiful dove on it to represent the Holy Spirit.  You see, with my last pregnancy, I wore a miraculous medal given to me by a priest that prayed we'd get pregnant (to St. Rita, and then we immediately did get pregnant).  I decided at the end of the pregnancy to take it off and give it to my son.  It is tucked safely away for now until he is older.  As a result, I had been wondering what necklace to wear during this pregnancy for this baby.  I liked the idea of this tradition.  When I saw the Holy Spirit necklace at our local Catholic store, I knew it was the one.  I told dh I had found the one and he said he really wanted to get it to me for Mother's Day, thought it was fitting.  :)

When I heard about the Holy Spirit novena, I was thrilled.  I knew I wanted to participate.  And now today, on Pentecost, I was able to have our priest say a special blessing over the necklace.  How cool is that?!


Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

What a sweet idea! You're children are so blessed to have you!

Fertile Thoughts said...

That is such a nice tradition. I am sure your children will appreaciate it ;)

Thankful said...

I liked reading your older posts - interesting story. Also love the necklaces and that your new one was blessed! Very sweet.

mrsblondies said...

What a neat tradition! I'm looking forward to rereading about your conversion.