They Are All Quick Takes

I just realized why I have never done quick takes...every post is a quick take (i.e. seven, give or take, random thoughts with not much linking them together).  This one is no different.  Except maybe mine should be called "long takes?"  lol

Sew sent out a great document I wanted to share with my readers-dignitas personae.  http://www.ewtn.com/library/CURIA/cdfdigpersbio.htm
I am really looking forward to reading it.  It was being discussed yesterday on Catholic Answe.rs Live.  It was such a great discussion-I only wish I could have heard more.  The priest on the show recommended two books I am excited about.  One for my husband "Be a Man" by Fr. Larry Richards (love him!) and Dehumanizing the Vulnerable, which is right up my ally.  My degrees are in special education so I think that this book will speak to me on multiple levels-it is a about changing semantics to dehumanize a population (those of Jewish decent, other minorities, those with disabilities, the unborn, etc). 

On a ten times lighter note, I am wondering if I could possibly have consumed more empty calories.  Is there anything worse for you than jello and marshmallows?  Because I ate them both...today.  Don't worry, I eat healthy and actually love healthy food for the most part.  But I love a lot of other things as well.  I pretty much eat them all.  Including whatever I happen to be talked into eating by others, the tv, whatever is in the checkout line, etc.  I wouldn't call them cravings, I am just very impressionable these days.

I have a few belly pics to share. Rarely am I dressed and showered and looking nice and think about getting a pic so they are kind of spaced oddly.

This first one is May 9th-14 weeks.

This is June 27th-21 weeks.

This is just recently July 10th-so 23 weeks.  Yes only 2 weeks after the last picture, but def larger.  I had totally fallen asleep, woke up, and thought I had better get a pic while I still look nice, lol. Should've looked in the mirror!  I have very fine hair and it totally had gone flat.  Oh well, you get the picture.  Grow, baby, grow!

One more random thing, dh and I have been watching home movies of Charlie when he was little before bed.  It has been so much fun!  Crazy how much I have forgotten, crazy how much he has grown and changed!  So glad we got a camcorder right before he was born.  We will definitely treasure these memories forever!


Thankful said...

You look great! Watching the videos sounds like such a great way to appreciate what you have and what is coming your way!

alliemich said...

great baby bump :) I love love love home movies, my sis had all our old tapes made into dvd for Christmas for everyone, we had such a great time watching them!

mrsblondies said...

You look great! How neat that you have home movies of Charlie when he was younger.

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

You are just bright and shining with joy! What a cute belly:)

Leila @ Little Catholic Bubble said...

Cutest baby bump pictures!! Awww!!!!! You are adorable. And I love that you are watching the old videos. So sweet!

Jill said...

You look adorable Jamie! I'm really guessing a girl on this one. Seriously, I've been right about the last 5 or 6 babies!

Karen said...

What a cute little bump you got goin' on there! :0)

Nicole said...

Great Baby Bump ;) We need to get a camera! Thanks for the reminder.