Third Trimester-y

Sorry for the repeat, but many may have missed this post since my accidental early anniversary post came right on its heels.  Since I have nothing new to post, here it is again, with minor additions. :)

A long time ago I asked someone pregnant how they were feeling and they replied "very third trimester-y."  I wasn't sure what it meant and don't recall if I was told by her or someone later.  But ladies, I am so there.

Not to complain.  But to inform.  And warn.  And, okay, maybe to complain a little?  If you are anywhere near the 2nd trimester, enjoy it, ladies.  Because right now I have the urge to do more.  To clean my house top to bottom, etc etc etc.  And my body, well it just won't cooperate.  It's large.  Yes.  I have now gained 30  32lbs and I was not big to begin with.  It is mostly in my belly (though I'd be lying if I said I didn't look pregnant from behind, I recently saw a photo!)  and putting a lot of strain on my hips.  Especially my sciatic nerve.  Ouch!  Basically it starts to hurt from my ankle all the way up to my hip.  Sometimes low key, sometimes throbbing, and sometimes sharp.  I have a physical therapy appt scheduled for the 18th.  My hips feel loose too, and I don't feel like they will support me.  Sometimes I can't raise a foot to put my shorts on because one leg won't support me.  It's just awkward, getting worse throughout the day.  Laying on the side that hurts helps a lot. 

Other days its just loose ligaments and I feel like I have sea legs in the night when I get up to pee-often!  Did I mention I can't stay awake after 9pm, but going to bed that early means I am more likely to be wide awake between three and five?!  That seems to be the baby's favorite time to do acrobatics.  Baby is not just kicking, but full body turn overs and huge movements that kick doesn't do justice too. Usually at 5am no less! Dh had his hand on my belly and he jumped and shouted out the movements were so large. Too funny!   It no longer matters if dh's hand is in the right spot, the shockwaves from the somersaults can be felt all over :)  The baby is over two pounds now and there is no mistaking every movement.  I have to say, even at 5am, that is just plain awesome.  You can definitely look down and see my stomach changing shape before your eyes.  Very surreal.

The thing with the baby being so big now is there seems to be no room for anything else, including food.  I am stuck with very small portions often and I still feel like I am full 24/7, only it is the baby making me feel full.  Maybe bursting at the seems is more accurate?  I think my belly needs a major growth spurt to catch up and give me some breathing (eating) room again.  I feel like the baby is even up under my ribs. There is no where else to go until I grow a little more. It's the strangest feeling ever.  It is crazy, but I could totally tell when Charlie went head down as the kicks and punches changed position too.  I wonder if it will be the same with this baby?

It will be fun to see at the doctor's office what I am measuring.  I love how the cm you measure (I forget which way) correspond to the number of weeks you are.  With Charlie, I was right on every time and he was a very average sized baby (7 lbs 8 oz).  It will be interesting to see.  I am in and out so fast and he just tells me I measure "normal."  I am less good at asking more questions, etc, this time around since Charlie is usually with me. The baby moving is good reassurance, for sure, but I need to ask when I will have another ultrasound.  I want at least one more (or two) before the baby comes.  It feels like it has been awhile and I am anxious for a picture, esp since the peanut's main job is adding fat to fill out is wrinkly skin-love it!

Back to symptoms....Heartburn happens often for me, but goes away quickly with Tu.ms or nothing.  It is usually when I am not eating enough.  And here is the truth about my bladder-can't laugh, can't jump, and some days can't even walk up the stairs.  Can I tell you how blessed I am to work from home?!  One more thing, new since the first time I posted this. 

I find myself doing a lot of nothing.  Feeling lazy and hating that part of things.  Spending more time than ever on the couch or watching tv...not wanting to walk, or be outside (it is so freaking hot here!  It is going to be 100 all week with heat index over 113 some days and where I live it is humid so you can hardly breathe so it isn't safe for Charlie or I to be out anyway).  Since dehydration causes early labor I am drinking lots of gatorade and dh and I laugh b/c usually you do that following some sort of physical exertion :)

I will say dh and I got out for a lovely date last Friday-a steak dinner and a comedian.  So fun!  On Saturday we went to evening mass and then met my family for dinner and ice cream.  My dad is doing much better, thank you so much for the prayers.  It was a really nice weekend.  Until I thought I could clean the house on Sunday.  Silly me.  Even with dh's help, it was silly.  We have a pretty big house (we are fortunate to be in our forever house) and between Charlie and the dog it can be a lot to maintain-picture sticky things stuck to wood floors and covered in dog hair.  Nice, eh? 

Did I mention I STILL can't find my camera?  It stinks!  I miss it so much, swore it would show up thinking it was in the house somewhere, now I am not so sure....It must be hanging out with my motivation!

Well that's all folks.  Just a random sort of state of the state.  My due date is Nov. 7th.  November sounds far right?  I am sure it does to the random people that ask and then look at me like I really look like I could go any day and not in Nov.  I mean, who is thinking Nov is around the corner when it is 100 degrees?!  But it is!  Less than 90 days away.  Not so far at all.  And this one could, of course, come early too.  Feeling rushed, but able to do less is not a good combo!  I did feel guilty that with Charlie, I wanted him to arrive five minutes ago.  With this baby, I just keep thinking I need more time before he/she comes.  Only because I want to enjoy every second and not have school hanging over my head, and only because I know the baby is safe, happy, healthy, warm, and loved right where it is.  But still.  I felt a little guilty about this feeling.  Until very very recently.  You see, as the baby grows and I get more uncomfortable, I realize this is a natural way for the body to say the baby can't stay in here forever.  And today (sorry, this post is written over several days so confusing), I saw my friends' 7 week old beautiful twin boys!  One was only six pounds and I have to say, gazing into those eyes I thought to hell with school, the baby can come now.  :)  So, I guess I am moving in the right direction.

Which reminds me, I should really start reading my Bradley book.  Yikes!  But, the good news is the baby's room is pretty much ready (I got out, washed, and put away everything, etc), so when the camera resurfaces I will get pics up of it and my belly.  Maybe I can get a video of Charlie too, he loves to pat my belly and kiss it.  He really does love babies and was initiating kissing the new baby's foreheads' today.  The truth is I would take these crazy symptoms every day of my life for even just one baby, so please don't get me wrong.  I love that sweet boy so much and can't believe we are blessed with another!  I know it is nothing we have done personally, and I well aware that it isn't fair that so many women more deserving than I are waiting to conceive their first born.  You all are never far from my thoughts and prayers!  I have faith the time will come!


Fertile Thoughts said...

I love hearing how other pregnant women are feeling. I had to laugh when you said it is hard to put your shorts on. I am having a hard time putting on my underwear, haha! I am soooo jealous that you are in your forever home. That must such a nice feeling :)
Prayers for you and baby,

Second Chances said...

I hear you on so many of these issues! Can't see my feet anymore so finding them to put them through underwear leg holes is impossible! And my hips are BURNING they hurt so badly. What the heck? I don't have the sciatic pain yet but I did have that with Mikey and it was awful. Hoping you get the rest you need and recover your energy too!

Grace in my Heart said...

I hope you get your energy back soon! How awesome you are out at PP. I hope to do the 40 days for life this fall. I love when pregnant women are out there!

Angela said...

I'm sorry your feeling so miserable! But Nov. 7th (or earlier) will be here in no time!!! Oh and just curious...how long did you do your PIO shots for this pregnancy?

allyouwhohope said...

How exciting that you feel "third-trimestery" because that means the end is in sight! I know it must be uncomfortable (and I can't imagine feeling more fatigued than I already do), but I can't wait to get there :)

And you ARE physically exerting yourself.. you're growing a baby! I read somewhere that a pregnant woman does the equivalent of a hike up a mountain every night while she's sleeping! I don't know if it's true but it sounds impressive!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Third trimester!! Hang in there. I'm sitting here telling myself that once I finally get to a point to talk about my own third trimester, I'm going to be loving every minute. Then I read yours and I know how positive you are, and it brings me back to reality! haha. So, thanks for all the honest comments.

Find that camera...I want to see your belly and updated pics of Charlie!

mrsblondies said...

Sorry you're physically not feeling great, but I'm glad you are getting into the home stretch. I like AYWH's comment. I'm glad you had a great date with DH and your dad is doing better.