The Nursery

I thought I would take everyone through our nursery.  It hasn't really changed much since Charlie used it, but it still took some time to get ready.  We had to move the crib back in when he was done using it, raise up the mattress back to the newborn setting, wash everything again (from curtains to dust ruffles), give it a good cleaning, and purchase a few things Charlie is still using.  A few areas are blank now for some personalization later.  I am happy to report I still love it and wouldn't change a thing!

First of all, the theme...Dh and I both love monkeys, and we really liked this print.  As much as I would have prefered something more modern and not childish, this is a child's room afterall, and I am really glad we went with the animals.  It became even better by adding the border at the chair rail level.  Charlie really enjoyed looking at the animals from the changing table or his crib, and it was fun to go through the phase where he learned their names and sounds.  I really think it was a learning tool.  My favorite thing about the bedding is the fact that the curtains and bedskirt have raised animals that feel really thick and soft, like velvet.  I didn't actually purchase much of the matching set.  For one, I am not an overly matching person.  Secondly, I was grateful for my sisters' advice and hers and my experience so I didn't buy things we wouldn't use. 
  • For example, I have never seen someone use the comforter and they are often quite expensive.  If you are going to hang it on the wall great, if not its a waste of money in my opinion.  We did buy a soft blanket, but it ended up spending 99% of the time thrown over the rocker as a decoration more than anything. 
  • I didn't buy a bumper pad.  One reason is that kids use them to stand on and climb out the bed sooner.  Another reason is because they can be a hazard, either by suffocating the baby or the ties that tie them around the rails.  I did, however, later purchase a "breathable bumper" that took didn't do any of those things because I forgot why bumpers do exist-to keep arms and legs from getting "stuck" (not really, but kids think they are and freak out) and to keep the pacifiers in!  This somewhat helped with both of these, but not totally. 
  • I didn't buy a mobile because they are overpriced to get them to match and have very few features.  Children tend to hang on them, which isn't safe, as they get older.  I will say that I do somewhat regret that for infants.  I am told the babies tend to stare at them and drift off to sleep (duh, I should have thought about that) and I think it would have been a lifesaver in some cases.  I may buy a fishe.r price on for this baby with all the bells and whistles for the price of the matching one with no features. 
Basically, I registered for the blanket I mentioned, the curtains, the sheets (I bought two sets that were coordinating and two is definitely the minimum one should own), a dust ruffle (though when you lower the crib around six months you can't really see it anymore on our crib), the border, and the decals for the wall.  Just an fyi, I went to babysupermall dot com and found way more accessories (like the decals and matching fabric for the window bench pillows) than I ever knew existed for my set.  If I recall correct, it was tax free and no shipping as well.

I didn't use the decals in the nursery, but in the jack and jill bathroom that adjoins the two kids' rooms.  I think it turned out really nice.  Again, gender neutral without being too pastel (which isn't at all my taste). Below these windows is the bench where the material for the cushions came into play.  Sorry the photo is a little dark.

For the furniture, we are blessed to have had a place about an hour away that sold returned and damaged Ba.bies R Us furniture for half off.  For example, the armoire had the back cardboard broken, so it was simply replaced and sold at half off.  We never would have bought that piece and the dresser, but it was such a good deal and I still love our furniture.  One piece of advice is, if you get a conversion crib, the rails are not included and they are notorious for no longer selling them by time you need them.  My sister was able to get a generic set that looked fine with hers, but we plan on buying ours soon to avoid a scramble.

Our main splurge was the rocker.  TCIE has mentioned before the Dutail.er rocker (not sure if I spelled that right).  This beauty cost us over $700 (insane, yes!) and I have loved every second in that chair.  My mom and sisters were right, you spend a lot of time there, and sometimes fall asleep there and a comfortable one makes a big difference.  Ottomans are always overpriced, but nursing stools are very helpful.  I never use the rocking feature on thsi one, so any nursing stool you can purchase would have done the same job for much less.  But the rocker, I am in love with that rocker and look forward to spending lots of time in it again! 

As far as the walls and what is on them (or not)...I love the green wall paint I picked to match the bedding.  It is so soothing without being too light, in my opinion.  In person it has a very apple feel.  Also, I have mentioned before I am a quote person.  I had read that it isn't wise to put pictures above the babies crib as they can fall on them (they often kick the wall on the way to going to sleep etc) or the babies can reach them as they get taller.  I thought it made sense to put one of the upper.case living quotes up there.  I ended up taking a quote I loved from a long time ago and having a friend at Kin.ko's make the same thing.  It was so much cheaper, but then he was a friend so part of that was the discount I got, but still cheaper.  Mine was $15!  Dh's cousin works for Upp.ercase Living and so, as a baby shower gift, I received some money I put toward this lovely wall design.  When it was Charlie's room, we also had a framed bible verse from the book of Tobit (from his godparents) and his many crosses received on his baptism.

As far as personalization, these are super cheap target shelves (I got about 4 for $20) that dh hung.  For Charlie I had the Wil.low angel of miracles, a St. Raphael statue and novena card, and a plaque with a prayer engraved in it.  The prayer reads something like, let us never forget that this child is a gift from above...I engraved his name and birth date on it as well and plan on doing the same for the new baby.  We will also put gifts and various things related to the baby's saints names, etc .

There are just a few other odds and ends.  I love the radio in there on the waflfle block shelves by my rocker.  I have a great CD of white noise called "For Cry.ing Out Loud" and it has things like a vaccum, a blow dryer, a mother's heartbeat as heard from the womb, and rain.  I highly recommend it.  Charlie slept swaddled and listening to heart beat music and it went very well (ideas from Happies.t Baby on the Block).  The shelves next to the rocker were so necessary because in the beginning I needed my water, my pad of paper to record the time and side I nursed on, a clock, the radio I mentioned, a bunch of burp cloths within reach and more!  I had our first familiy picture framed and put on top.  It has been moved to Charlie's room now, and an empty frame awaits ready for a new picture!

That's it.  It is fun to see it all ready and waiting for baby #2!  Thanks for letting me share!


Lauren @ Magnify the Lord with Me said...

It looks great!!!! You're so good!

1) What is the verse? It's hard to read in the pic.

2) What is so great about this glider??????? I thought I was splurging to spend $200ish on one. (I haven't bought it yet but am so anxious to get it!!!) Please tell me what's so awesome about it! :)

WheelbarrowRider said...

Sorry, this must have gone to spam...just seeing this now.
Honestly, the rocker is something I melt into. It is super soft and comfortable, but totally supportive. It adjusts in every way so you can lay it back to any position, lock it in that position and then choose to still be able to rock that way or not. That is just one example. My dh loved that one though. It probably was silly to spend that much, but I do see us using it in other rooms even after our kids are older since it is neutral etc. It is really well made.
The verse says:
Before you were conceived, we wanted you.
Before you were born, we loved you.
Before you were here an hour, we would die for you.
This is the miracle of love.

Sew said...

Love the nursery! Your rooms are HUGE! ;)

Megan said...

LOVE the nursery! I love the quote above the crib, and that is awesome about the glider! We have a Pottery Barn one that I got on Craigslist, and it is really good, but your sounds AWESOME!

I love happiest baby on the block too! Great book! :)

Brit said...

So excited for your little one to arrive! It looks like they will be coming home to a beautiful, relaxing little nest :) Praying for you in these last days!!