An Update-37 weeks and Blogging Anniversary (a little early)

Can you believe it?  I mean really, where does the time go?  I am currently 37 weeks and thought it was time for a pregnancy update.

I have been fortunate to have ultrasounds even this late as a precaution due to Factor V Leiden (related to clotting).  I have one gene, not two, so baby aspirin really does likely take care of this, but one can never be too careful.  A blood clot could mean that the little one could stop growing at any time!  Ultrasounds at 31, 33, and one scheduled for just past 37 are lovely ways to see our little one doing well.  I love that they are done by a skilled perinatologist!  The first one the baby was over four pounds, then 5.5 lbs, I can't wait to see what the baby weighs this week!  Oh yes, and the baby is breathing on the screen, so cool so those lungs are getting great practice!

At 36 weeks I began weekly doctor's appointments.  I had the group B test done then, and don't yet know the results.  Likely it won't change anything.  I have antibiotics at delivery regardles, the same ones for group B.  Still, I am curious to know.  The doctor gave me the choice of being checked, and though uncomfortable as the one in the hospital was, I said yes.  It wasn't near as bad, or as long, and I am glad I did.  Dh and I were anxious to see if anything has progressed.  I am still dilated to a one, but I went from 50 to 70% effaced.  The baby is head down still, but engaged head down now, so he/she won't be doing any turning.  In fact, the doctor told me the baby is right there on the surface, as low as he/she can get!  That makes sense, as the bowling ball between my legs feeling is unmistakable.  I carry high, so I don't look a ton different, but I could feel the difference and noticed the sides of my belly were softer.  It is awesome to have confirmed the hard big surface I feel is the baby's bum and the little jabs on the left that I can see and feel are heals and knees!  I love knowing I am touching my little one!

Speaking of my belly, more than one person has told me I have grown exponentially these last few weeks.  I don't mind.  The baby grows at an alarming rate during this time.  I can only eat tiny meals often since there is no room for my stomach to be full.  I joke my bladder is like a hoppin' club at capacity-one (ounce of fluid) in, one out.  Lol.  I definitely have heartburn and trouble sleeping, and the Charlie horses are back-I had forgotten about those from when I was pregnant with Charlie.  The trick each day is not buying more clothes as I try to cover the underside of my belly and keep up with the changing weather!  Bending over is out of the question at this poitn!, and I will never again purchase cute maternity jeans with a zipper and button.  They looked so cute, made me feel "normal" and were fine the first half of pregnancy.  But now the button is permanently imprinted on my belly from stting. 

I know I owe you all a picture, so here goes.  I only think about taking these right before bed at the end of the day!  You can see that covering up the underside of my belly is definitely a challenge, and this is without even raising arms up or wrestling a two year old into a cart! :)  I have gained about 42lbs so far, and I think it is pretty evident where it is all going!

On the subject of pictures, would you believe I found my camera the day after I bought a new one?!  Of course, I can/will return the new one.  The most embarrassing part was it was in my purse of all places, just the deepest pocket that zips and I usually only carry coupons and receipts in there... Did I mention I hate big purses?  I bought a medium sized one to replace a big diaper bag, but I always carried small ones before and cursed them for losing things inside even when they are small.  Go figure!

TMI warning-I was told that discharge would increase and GI changes would occur and I have to say that yes, they have, right on schedule.  I had a little blood yesterday (one bright red dot) each time I wiped, but the doctor is not concerned and neither am I.  I was surprised how much my legs hurt where they are connected to my body.  I have also been feeling like I pulled a groin muscle for about a month.  Turns out that is just another way one can feel round ligament pain.  I didn't know that!  One more thing I forgot about until just now.  I am fortunate to not have had any swelling that I can tell, but it is very common.  I was told during my last pregnancy to take off my wedding ring as things got further along.  I guess swelling can sneak up on you and no one wants their wedding ring cut off!  I finally remembered this and took mine off yesterday.  I still can't part with the band yet, though, so I just removed the engagement band.  My husband and I have matching bads and they are comfort fit.  Maybe I am being naive, but it seems easier to remove than the other one.  I include this info because I figure some will be interested in what is the norm this far along...

The main thing on my mind these days is checking things off my list, which is why work is driving me crazy these days.  I feel like things are being added, not taken away, and a lot of it is out of my control.  Dh has been wonderfully supportive, and for that I am grateful!

Like with the last pregnancy, I feel like things could happen at any time now, yet in my heart I know they likely will not.  I can't wait to leanr the gender and meet this little one.  The only thing I don't want, if possible, to be in the hospital during Charlie's first Halloween trick or treating.  He is going to be a conductor and I can't wait!  He is so excited about being a big brother and I pray it continues.  When the sitter watches a newborn occasionally she says he does great and the only thing is Charlie gets concerned that he cries.  We talk at home about what he can do and say if the baby cries and how that is how the baby tells us what is wrong.  He is going to be a great little helper, though I know it will be a transition. 

In terms of meds, it has been odd to go to so few and now to one.  At 37 weeks, prenatals are all that are left!  And just a quick farewell to progesterone-you have served me well, but my rear will not miss you!

(In full disclosure, the pink ones are to draw with, so between a 3rd and a half of these needles, depending on dose, did not actually pierce my behind!)

On a totally different note, I have been actively sharing my blog for almost a full year!  What a blessing you all have been in my life!

That is it for now!  Lots of posts in my brain lately I have been able to put down so posts scheduled to come at you regularly for the next bit :)


Thankful said...

Thanks for all of the good info - you know I'll be back here to re-read this many times! You look great, too. :)

Megan said...

Love the update! You look so cute with your belly! LOVE IT! :)
I was able to leave my wedding band on with my second pregnancy, and it was fine. You are right, the engagement band is more difficult for some reason!

Kaitlin @ More Like Mary said...

All great news!! Yay!

Amazing Life said...

You and your growing baby are so cute!

Thank you for writing the way you do and letting people like me know more of what is normal! I feel like you teach me all kinds of things!! Hope you are feeling well today!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

Look at that pokey belly!!! I LOVE IT! You are so precious:) So happy to hear things are going well. Just reading your story and where it all started gives me such great hope. I'm praying for you and baby's health and safety in the upcoming weeks. Oh and we need to see a picture of Mr. Conductor!!!

Danya @ He Adopted Me First said...

Oh yes, I'm soaking it all up. It's amazing how much we forget... The charlie horses, the heartburn, oh no, I had all that and probably will again soon. You look adorable and I too am fighting off the urge to overdo (no pun intended) the purchase of maternity clothes. I intend to squeak by in that dept. I get an US this Friday and can not wait to lay my eyes on the little one. So fun! You are on the countdown my dear...enjoy it!

mrsblondies said...

Glad to hear that you are finally done with PIO. I can't believe you are so close!

Percolating Petals said...

I have the opposite problem...can't wear my wedding band, only my engagement ring! I wish you lived close to me so we could hang out with our feet propped up.:)

Trustful Surrender said...

You look great!!
Happy bloganniversary!

Mrs. Mike said...

Love that belly shot! I can't believe you are full term already! Many prayers for you in the weeks ahead!

Karen said...

Yay for all good news! I love the belly shot!