Where Does the Time Go?

I think I can only formulate a quick update and will let the pictures do the talking. Sleep deprivation does that to you, but no complaining for me.  I am offering it up for my prayer buddy! :) We turned a corner recently.  I think AJ went through a second growth spurt (one each at 3 and 4 months is typical) but yesterday he went about 4 hrs twice between feedings (he was eating every two hrs even at night!)  And Charlie had skipped or delayed several naps, but he had a few days of good napping so we will see.  He is getting four teeth at once and they are ones that are known for being especially painful.  He is almost done though, a point each on three teeth are through so hopefully the end is near!  And my dissertation has been submitted.  On April 5th I defend it and then...I graduate!  It is feeling more real each day.  I bought a dress tonight, but not without AJ in tow.  Dad still can't give a bottle or get him to sleep/back to sleep (not that he is working on it too much-we do the divide and conquer thing a lot here and he gets Charlie, he hates to see the littlest man upset when they do get time together so AJ and I are permanently attached at the hip.  I can think of worse things).

 The pic above is dh carrying Charlie on a very cold morning to deposit his paci in the trash can (he loves trash trucks).  We are not big paci fans in general, especially not this late, but he only had it for bed and we decided to wait until after the baby was born and not try to do it prior.  Pediatrician recommended avoiding big things four months before or after, so we were happy to put it behind us.  It went well and isn't related to the napping issues.
 Charlie told everone he was getting his woody present after he gave his paci to the trash trucks.  Here he is opening it. This picture doesn't do justice to how thrilled he was.  The hat and holster were a steal for 12.50 at the Disn.ey store. And...I wasn't going to give him the holster part until I heard him refer to it on his figure as woody's pocket.  I thought that was cute and it was safe to go ahead and give it..
 Does it get any cuter than this?  My little cowboy!
 I love the sun behind him (its rising-trash comes early here and this was a work day for me).

So that night we also had a special surprise for our cowboy-Toy Story on Ice!  We have never done anything like this with him.  He LOVED it.  AJ had a sitter (here's a shocker, he refused to eat and waited for me to return to nurse-that boy!) so it was two on one again for Charlie and he ate it up!
 The boot toe cracks me up!
 Look at that, I am actually in a picture for once!  One where I am showered...it doesn't get any better than this folks!
 In case you were wondering what AJ has been up to!  Unlike Charlie who streaked every diaper, AJ is into consolidation.  Unfortunately by then it comes out with such force this is the result. 
The comment I get most often right now re AJ: he looks surprised.  lol.  My what big eyes you have!  We got that a lot with Charlie too.
 And most often you can find him like this.  This baby smiles and laughs all the time. I can (and do) just eat him up!
I hope everyone is having a productive Lent.  We are trying to pray a lot more at our house and the night wakings are the perfect opportunity.  Other than giving up sleep, I really don't feel like it is Lent, which probably means I am not doing it well!  Something to work on...


Hebrews 11:1 said...

Oh my gosh, they are both getting so big!!

Awaiting a Child of God:) said...

You graduate sooooo soon! Woman, I am so proud of you. I remember reading all those posts of all that you had to do and it stressed me out...I didn't even have kids! ha. You had two throughout all this. WOW. Proud of you:)


Second Chances said...

What a cute post! I LOVE the pictures of Charlie in his cowboy getup. Oh my goodness! He's adorable. I also LOVE the picture of AJ's explosion! We have a lot of those too, although never that big! And I remember just a month or two ago thinking Dominic had bug eyes because he was always so wide eyed. He's not that way anymore but it must be that stage or something. They look so funny! Your boys are darling and you are looking fabulous despite your sleep deprivation! THAT is all you need to do for lent. There's nothing more sacrificial, I think :)

Natalie said...

The pictures are so cute. Hope you get more rest soon. =)

Katie @ Persevere in Prayer said...

Charlie looks like he had a blast :)

Congrats on graduating!!!

Simone said...

Loved the pictures. Glad to hear you are getting close to graduating.


Charlie is absolutely adorable!! : )

Good luck on Tuesday. Hmmm... You are graduating. So that means I should put in for a vacation day this summer and finally come visit, right???

Jill said...

Your boys are too cute for words! I love that you took a pic of AJ's blowout - that is something you can put in his senior year yearbook of him as a kid ;)

Joy Complete said...

Love the pictures - the Woody outfit is too cute! Philip is on a consolidated schedule too. He does the same thing to his outfits. Always happens when the hubs is at work too which makes it a lot more challenging to get him cleaned up!