Blogger Issues Resolved

I've been having blog issues and have found and fixed the solution.  If your blog is showing an error message about a server and/or redirecting to blogrolling.com, you will find this information helpful.

I didn't find the word "blogrolling" in my html until I went into my html widgets. I think it was the Catholic mothers widget that I had to delete and I know some folks on here have the same one.

Please go back and read my last two posts since I now have the issue resolved.  I am finally back to posting and then the issue occurred!

Also, during my searching, I discovered something that backed up a recent theory about my difficulty commenting.  I can comment in pop up comment boxes, but not those embedded.  I have changed this on my blog to help others, and enabled cookies on my own computer to help with my issue.  I hope I will be able to comment now!

Just thought I would share in case others have the same issues... 

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JellyBelly said...

I "tricked" my iPhone so I could read your latest post. I'm so glad that you got to the bottom of the problem!