Prayer Requests!

I had a friend contact me today asking me to post this request on my blog.  She knows how powerful your prayers can be!  She just returned from a lap with Dr. Hilgers where he addressed a lot of adhesions from a "sloppy C-section." Now they have (full) treatment scheduled with Dr. Toth for January 2nd through 12th.  This is an intensive treatment for an infection that has been diagnosed.  Originally she was going for this treatment and found out she was pregnant and had to cancel it. That was a very scary pregnancy, knowing she had the infection, but by the grace of God and with a high level of antibiotics and Dr. Hilgers and Toth's help, she had a healthy baby!  Now, the full treatment is back on, but she is lacking the peace she expected to have.  She worries about the level of antibiotics on top of what she has already had.  She is asking God for a clear sign of discernment about doing this full treatment. Please pray that she finds some peace!

Please also pray for my great aunt Sarah.  She is basically my grandmother, I have no grandparents living, but with a little more saucy attitude.  She is amazing and sharp as a tack! However, she is 89, and ready to move on to what God has in store for her.  She lost her husband many years ago.  She is ready.  But we are not.  Her recent nausea and stomach aches turned up a large mass and they are doing an MRI as we speak. They really think it is cancer in her pancreas, called a silent killer b/c it is always so far advanced before it is diagnosed. Like, she may only have a month, or less.  Pray we can be as good to her through this as she is to us and not be selfish.

Thank you all for your unceasing prayers! I hope you all have a wonderful Advent season and a very Merry Christmas!


"All in His Perfect Timing" said...

Praying for both situations!

allyouwhohope said...

I just prayed!

Amazing Life said...

Praying for your friend and your Aunt Sarah!

Joy Complete said...

I will pray. My grandmother had pancreatic cancer. It took so long to diagnose and by then it is so far progressed. God bless them!