Thyroid Follow Up and First Cycle Since Nursing

First of all, I am so grateful for all who read and commented on my thyroid post.  All of it was helpful and caused me to be prepared when the nurses and I did make contact.

It turns out the Synthroid was to supplement the T3, not to replace it.  Jasmine was spot on.  Here is an exerpt from her comment:

"...Anyway being on T3 after a while really suppresses your TSH and ultimately your T4, and adding a bit of T4 after a while can help. I hit a sweet spot with my T3 for only about 2 months, and then needed to adjust again with some T4. See the book "What your doctor May not tell you about Hypothyroidism." Though I don't believe his physiological dosing fits everyone. Anyway, so while Sew and the others are right in that T3 is the active hormone, T4 sometimes needs to be added. The T3 dosage is supplementary to what the body makes, so whatever T4 we are making is also being broken down into T3, ideally. My addition of T4 (in the form of Armour, which has a bit of T1, T2, T3, and T4) seems to be the right track for me. I think a mix of dosing off symptoms and labs is working for me. I would give Dr. H's treatment a try, and if not improving find some other help. Oh yeah, and thyroid treatment often times need adrenal support, though I am NOT suggesting hydrocortisone. Lifestyle and vitamins can support that too. An interesting book on those hormones was brought up at the conference as well: The Schwarzbein Principle. Ignore the aging stuff, it's really about hormones."

It is clear the T3 is working because my T3/RT3 ration was good (39.7) when before it was 6.4.  And I can tell the difference, which is why I was hesitant to go off of it.  However, my T4 was low (2.6 when it should be between 4.5 and 12.5).  So they just put me on the tiniest dose (.075mg) once a day and are going to retest in 6 weeks.  I like that I can get it locally and that I can retest to see if that is enough.  I realize, like Sew said, it may just give me nicer numbers, but since I am on T3, I imagine I can use the T4 as intended.  I am not ready to seek a thyroid doc yet b/c I really don't feel like I have thyroid symptoms.  I feel good on the T3 and this little boost of T4 may be just what I need.  If not, then I will do some more research.  And I definitely plan on learning more by reading the books and sites Jasmine and Sew suggested, including about adrenal support using lifestyle and vitamins.

So, for now I am good and happy.  My cycle returned and it was quite light, just like the one after Charlie now that I have had time to look back.  However, I am reminding myself it was the 2nd cycle that wasn't so light, and the 3rd and 4th before I became more regulated.  So...this cycle I start my peak plus 7 draws and its back to familiar territory.  I had good mucus this cycle, more days than normal, so hopefully all is well, but I don't take anything for granted and all of my tests and my lap are starting to seem really old (2005).  Time will tell...

Baby update-AJ is doing well, but driving me nuts in the sleeping dept after being spoiled for several months.  After schedule changes the week before Christmas at a time he was already starting to shake one of his naps (by fighting it and going down way later, sleeping late), he is now seeming to nap normal and yet wake an hour earlier.  It is brutal.  I have been spoiled and do well with anything after 7am, but now he is crying several times in the night (I don't go to him, he doesn't need anything) and now the early waking.  Starting to feel like a zombie again, a feeling I never wanted to get back to.  I can only handle one change at a time folks, lol!

Christmas was good here.  Hope yours was Merry as well!

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