Along With My Cycle, the Aches and Pains are BACK

Well, cycle 2 came right on the heals of cycle 1, a first for me.  I didn't make it to my peak plus 7 blood draw because peak plus 6 became CD 1.  Hopefully that was just part of it all getting straightened out and not a sign of any new problems.  And, as I recalled, cycle 2 post pregnancy was much much worse than cycle 1.  Not.fun.  

The worst part is all my weird aches and pains are back.  Like my hips.  That happened during pregnancy and I am pretty sure the doctor said that hormones can cause your ligaments to loosen so you are more flexible for delivery.  Um, body, get the message, there is no need for loosey goosey ligaments at this time!  The stomach pain I have that I think has hormonal and food ties is back full force.  I have had 2 stomach aches since my cycle returned.  One on the last day of my period (yesterday) and one on the day of ovulation.  I am curious if those days have something in common, hormonal wise, but it seems like they would be opposites?  What do I know?  I am curious for your input.  I always thought my stomach pains were endo, but Dr. H didn't find a ton of endo in the right spots.

I don't expect my first via email cycle review with Dr. H's nurses to reveal anything revolutionary.  I am just expecting to get told to do a blood draw next month and see where things are the. So far I feel fine on the synthroid, no real difference, but then I wasn't feeling bad to begin with.

I am definitely going to get back on my Syntol.  My yeast seems out of control, as evidenced by my diet and my right knee feeling swollen.  That is always a strange symptom I have had.

Looking forward to finding the right meds/diet to feel good again!


Jamie said...

Hi I'm a new follower and fellow Catholic Mother Online.

I hope these pains get better for you! My first baby is one year old, and I now have ovulation cramps - never had them or even heard of them before!

Feel free to come by my blog sometime,

For Love of Cupcakes

Tridentine Wife said...

I got the stomach aches right after Philomena was born and my doctor suspected gall stones and an u/s confirmed it. Apparently they can be brought on during pregnancy.

Hopefully your body heals and the aches go away soon. I know it's no fun trying to take care of two babies and being in discomfort.

Hebrews 11:1 said...

Hopefully they can get you all figured out! Hope you feel better soon.

Andrea Starosciak said...

Hi Jamie,
The pain I thought was endo was my messed up GI and colon. I hope the diet and probiotics help!