When in Doubt, Pick Up the Phone

I have so many posts in my head (heard that before?) but this is the one I flew to the computer for.  I have been doing my cycle reviews via email since getting my period back in December after nursing a year.  These cycles are typical me unmedicated (sans the brown bleeding-praise God!).  The mucus is minimal, the post peak phase is pathetic!  In fact, the first cycle peak plus 7 was CD 1 so no blood draw for me.  Looks like the same old LUFs going on...

I am a creature of habit.  I like the expected, so I love that Dr. Hilgers has a nice little plan for me and it has worked well.  It goes like this.  Nothing cycle 1, blood draw cycle 2, medicate cycle 3 and blood draw, and then get the go ahead to ttc on cycle 4. (Give it 3 months, if nothing happens, reevaluate).  Can't argue with that.  I mean, we got pregnant with AJ on the first cycle we were allowed to achieve.  All meds I was on were the same and were given back to me all at once to take on cycle 3.  So that is what I was expecting.  I mean, if it works, why change it?

This first cycle was a bust for a blood draw, but no big deal.  We could still stick to the plan.  Cycle 2 they added B6 during cycle review.  Cycle 2 I got a blood draw and was bummed they only added mucinex for cycle 3.  Really?  With only 8 days post peak?!  I realized I wasn't getting any numbers for my prog and estrogen.  I decided I needed to call the next time.  So I did.  I called Friday, a big risk.  I dreaded the back and forth of them calling me back while in Target with two kids or whatever. 

I was so fortunate that the call to my home came today after we were back home from the dentist and AJ was sound asleep.  I could focus!  So I was able to state my concern and ask how my labs were looking.  And that is when I get the news.  My lab that is now taken on sending the blood, has sent NONE OF MY LABS!  Not two months of cyclical draws or my thyroid f/u.  Argh!  I have a call into them.   Also a little annoyance to Laura for nicely typing at the end of each cycle that they need bloodwork next cycle.  Um, not exactly the same as saying we didn't receive any blood and really need it if we are going to prescribe the big guns, which is certainly understandable.  I forgive her though.  She was so nice on the phone, listened well, very responsive,  and I am glad to know the plan is the same, we just need to work out this "kink." 

This also means that "hopefully" I get back on hcg before March 15th.  I would love to order 90 days through my mail order pharmacy on last years flex account.  We still have a bit of money we need to spend in there-go figure!  When does that EVER happen?  I know, you hate me.  Sorry.  (If it makes you feel better, I guarentee hubs shorted us for this FY as a result.  And now I may have surgery.  Oops.  We will never get this right).

In ab pain news, my primary care doc (napro trained) thought it was for sure IBS and she told gave me two helpful things-told me to eat/take fiber and gave me an anti-contracting pill for under the tongue to take when the "contracting" starts.  Guess what?  It has not come back since!  I have never had to take the other med.  And it was often-like 2 in one day often!  I am eating the things I was missing out on too.  And still not there.  Who would have thought?!  FIBER!  duh!  JB, if you are reading this, did it help you?  Anyone else?

And now that the stomach pain is gone, I have time to focus on what is really there-crampiness.  Not during my period, or right before, but during ovulation.  And you know what I remembered?  Last time during the lap the endo had an ovary adheared to something.  I am seriously thinking the endo is back and who can blame it?  It's been vacationing for two pregnancies and nursing and now wants to make up for lost time.  Evil endo!

Which brings me to another thought that didn't occur before.  Hubs wants to change jobs (do not repeat if you know me IRL, he's a bit paranoid-AIH, sense a theme? lol).  And I suddenly realized my beloved Cigna that covered Dr. H as in network despite him being in another state four hrs away...might be gone too (at this point you all are throwing tomatoes at me and shooting me with dagger eyes-I promise, I do know and appreciate how fortunate we are).  I wonder if Dr. H will schedule me for a lap now based on one month of symptoms and the fact his schedule is booked into goodness knows when-Aug?!-seriously-does anyone know?-it would be wrong to hope hubs is still at the job then...and then that would mean not ttc...lots to think about.  What would you do?  Would you just schedule it, hubs continues to look, we ttc when we get the green light and then we cancel the surgery if needed?  If Dr. H says okay, that would cover all our bases. 

Okay, I've neglected Charlie long enough.  Thanks for listening.  I hope everyone is having a productive Lent.

p.s. Still reading you all on google reader on my phone, just not able to comment on there, but PRAYING for all of you.


Welcome! said...

I always freak out that the endo is back... with every ting of pain... but its not, I am just paranoid.

Im still here and always reading... jut on the iphone and not able to comment


Little JoAnn said...

Oh boy...my whole IF life could be summarized by the title of your post...When in Doubt Pick Up the Phone.

In my case I send faxes to confirm receipt and ask to be cc'd on EVERYTHING.

Glad to hear you are going after answers.

I know, it is a fulltime job, though and praying for you as you balance it all out.

You sound good!

JellyBelly said...

I know that fiber has helped me a TON! Up until a year ago I took Metamucil to make sure that things were moving.

How lucky that you were able to speak to someone from
PPVI! That is truly miraculous!