The Newest Napro Trained Surgeon?

Tonight my husband and I shared our testimony at a local church as part of their RCIA experience (tonight was contraception, gay marriage, and a host of other huge issues that had to be rolled into one).  Like anything worth doing, we have to push ourselves in some way.  It goes like this.  I say yes because I 100% believe in the cause, but I don't LOVE public speaking. I drag my husband into it (and he really doesn't love public speaking, but mostly he drags his feet b/c he abhors being overcommitted).  We do our best to look over what we did last time  and make it better and practice when we really don't have the time.  I practically write the entire thing, hubs just edits.  Our paper looks like huge paragraphs, but with bullets next to them (who are we kidding?!).  But I will tell you, everytime we practice, I feel closer to my husband.  And, though he barely seems into it in practice, he nails it out of the park when we actually do it.  Who is the fool left reading the paper of her own story?  Me, that's who.  That's why I love that man!  You could tell he took pride in what he is doing.  And doing it reminds him of where we've come from and why we are here.  And that is always a good thing.

Tonight was hard, but good.  The group was huge, which is exciting.  There were lots of smiles and encouragement from the group.  There was also those I couldn't read.  And then there was the ob/gyn who was vocal that she thought we were misrepresenting the facts.  After some digging, we discovered what she meant was we disagreed with when life began, but from her mouth it didn't sound that cut and dry.  But it was, and I just pray the audience got that as well.  I am writing this post tonight to BEG you all to pray a rosary for this woman, as well as the entire audience we spoke to tonight.  I ask that you pray that their hearts be open to the church's teaching on contraception.  You know, sometimes the bigger they are, the harder they fall.  I told the leader tonight, its more the indifferent ones that I worry about.  The ones that are pissed.  I mean, we used to be those people.  Those people have passion and are thinkers and those are the people that will keep thinking about these topics long after tonight!  And I just wonder what God has something big in store for that ob/gyn?  Maybe the newest trained Napro surgeon?  We can certainly hope (and pray!)


Hebrews 11:1 said...

Maybe you will be the one to open her eyes! You never know. God bless you for sharing your story and spreading the word!

Brenda said...

You probably opened so many hearts in your time of speaking! You planted the seeds for sure:)

Blessed and Broken said...

Hi There! I would love for you to add your story to my FertilityCare blog hop! http://www.blessed-and-broken.blogspot.com/2012/02/fertilitycare-blog-hop.html

And YES...we SO need more NaPro surgeons! I would totally refer to you...wherever you are. :)


I will be praying, my friend. PLEASE... Keep sharing that story, k??? So many of us really need to hear it and find HOPE!

Oh, and I got word today that I'm headed west really early on Monday. First ultrasound is in the early afternoon that day. Hubby will follow a couple of days later and surgery should move ahead as scheduled.