The Unmedicated Me

In case I forgot how sad my fertility was without medication, I got a reminder today.  The blood the lab accidently held onto was finally sent and analyzed to PPVI.  A quick recap, cycle 1 post nursing I was unable to get a P+7 because that was the day I started my period.  I think that is very telling.  Short post peak phase is common for me unmedicated, due to my Lutenized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome S(LUFS).

So, without further ado....(drum roll please):
Cycle 2 progesterone was 1.1 and estradiol 2.7.  Yes, you read the right.  Its a wonder I am female at all with those puny numbers!  Cycle 3 progesterone was 8.4 and estradiol 12.1.

Some of you comparing may see the estradiol is in different units than you are used to.  They want it to be 12, while they want progesterone to be around 13.  I was glad the estradiol went up so much because estrogen pills is something I will no longer be taking due to my clotting disorder (Factor V Leiden).  Hcg used to be enough for my est and prog, but following my 2nd miscarriage I was supplemented with estrogen pills.  I hope that hcg will keep everything where it should be.  They put me on 2000 units on P+3, 5 ,7, and 9.  I was a little surprised at that (an error?), given my history of allergic reaction (my hands swelled and were hot).  However, when I got back in touch with the nurse said since it had been awhile it was okay to try again.  So, I've been having peak type CM for a few days now.  Post peak (if we can get the meds in time) I will take the hcg and repeat the labs (we are still avoiding-we have to get the meds in line first).  Then next cycle we will add the clomid (better to do one at a time given the reaction).  And if the blood work is good then, we will be given the all clear to TTC.  (It would have been sooner if the lab hadn't forgotten to ship the blood etc).  

So for now it is back to the crazy world of injecting myself in the belly.  I only did this very few times before since I got pregnant with AJ so fast and before that it was intramuscular like the progesterone.  I don't mind needles at all, but sticking myself is something it takes getting used to for sure!

Also, I am praying we have the good fortune we did in the past with insurance.  One thing I have learned is to use the home delivery pharamacy attached to my insurance.  The main reason is my insurance covers the injection under medical, not pharmacy benefits, and so this is the only way to get it covered.  Secondly, its pretty cheap.  You get 90 days worth instead of 30.  They also send alcohol pads, sharps container, syringes, everything you could possibly need.  It was nice to be so well equipped-literally!  I hope that tidbit helps some some of you out there.  That was the original point of my blog-for girls that are doing Napro to learn from my errors so you all get it right the first time :)  (The second purpose was to spread the word about Napro and encourage women to truly heal rather than to treat the symptoms, as well as to morally treat infertility). 

One last thing-the giveaway is still going on so please read my last post to get entered!


Sew said...

I thought I was going to HATE mail order with my daily medication, but I adore it! It's so nice to pay one lump sum and have them mailed to me. I don't have to call monthly. It didn't save me a "ton" of money. But I micro manage my meds and it makes me nervous to have them mail ordered to me. LOL But now I love it.

I didn't realize that with the HCG. I wonder if that is the same way with my insurance. Not that I would be considering HCG in the near future. LOL :)

Your levels blow. :(

allyouwhohope said...

I think I need to try hcg. I've never been on it before, but my progesterone is like yours - mine is always around 8. And I'll have to remember that about ordering it if I do start it. Good luck with injecting yourself!

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Wow ... we analyze our numbers the same ... P about 13 and E about 12.
I hope your meds work great for you!