The Five Lies PP tells-blog GIVEAWAY!

I have mentioned before I have the amazing opportunity to be part of a group, Life Front, that does sidewalk counseling outside our local PP.  I have been away 15 long months (btw AJ waking, eating all night, not taking a bottle, and then my husband's busy time at work).  It was easy to keep staying in bed on Saturdays and let another week go by, but then my group sponsored THE Elizabeth from the book Unplanned to come and train us again.  The training was the perfect refresher and motivation I needed to get back involved.

I started again this past Saturday.  It is hard to describe this experience. On one hand, you know its needed.  On the other hand, I hate it.  I hate that it is always colder at PP.  I hate being there at 6:30am instead of home in bed.  I hate feeling inadequate in the face of such insurmountable odds, or like a telemarketer where no one wants to hear their pitch.  I hate the regrets, I wish I would have said this or that...the list goes on.

But, in the end I know that God can use me if only I show up.  And it isn't about me or my skills so much as about Him working through me.  And God sends His Holy Spirit to give me strength and comfort me.  I feel His peace.  I am not tired like I think I will be.  Or hungry.  The time flies.  I don't want to leave when my time is up, the parking lot is still so full.  Business is booming.  Somehow, there are moments of warmth and the sun never felt so good!  I get braver and stronger with every interaction.  The dust of 15 months away is coming off.  I know the discomfort is worth it.  I know the woman and children are worth it.  I know no one may stop to talk or receive information, but I also know that there is impact that we may not realize at the time.  For example, (a few weeks ago, I wasn't there), women come back to thank us and share the story of how they chose life for their child one year ago.  That same day there were 2 obvious baby new saves.  And then last week there were two more (at a different PP where some of our trained girls focus their efforts).  Our presence changes lives. 

The training brought a wonderful new group of young women and men volunteers.  Forty days for life brought more that are there to pray.  And we are seeing results.  I encourage all of you to participate in forty days for life at your local clinic.  And if anyone is called to start a sidewalk counseling group at your local clinic, I can connect you to the women that started ours.  She was just a girl that wanted to make a difference!  I think there have been at least 40 saves since the beginning (maybe 4 years ago) that we know of.

My group sells t-shirts to support our group, a non profit.  They list the 5 Lies Planned Parenthood tells (yes, it was hard to just list 5!).  I will be giving away a free t-shirt (I will update with a picture, but they are nice) if you will say a prayer for more prolife medical professionals as well as for the women, men, and children that have been hurt by abortion.  Leave a comment telling me you have prayed and I will choose a name randomly on St. Patrick's Day.  Be sure your comment links to your email or email me separately if you don't have an email and don't want yours public.  


Anonymous said...

J- You are so inspiring with what you are doing to help! I plan on doing the same in the near future. I am praying! -Renee (rmcharpentier@yahoo.com)

My Heart Exults said...

Last year was my first time praying at an abortion mill during Lent. It is something I will never forget, especially since the place has since closed down! Prayer works! Thanks for standing up for those babies! I'm praying, and please add my name in the drawing. My email: myheartexults@gmailcom.

All in His Perfect Timing said...

Such a wonderful thing you are doing! I'm glad that there have been as many saves as there are! You may even make an impact that you don't realize.
I'm praying!

S said...

It's true. For some reason the wind is more bitter in front of our local abortion mill. I'm praying.

Mary said...


Sew said...

That is wild you talk about it being colder at PP.

OURS TOO!!! Even in the new location. The OLD location was horrible. It's like we were in the middle of a wind tunnel. The new location is right by a busy road and we only get sun for a few minutes. But when the sun comes its so welcomed.

Cold and evil. I hate that place!

I will never forget the time when I was 25 wks pregnant with Hannah and I watched a mother walking her daughter into the clinic. I almost fell over. I think I actually did gasp and bend over. I was in tears and I can't erase the image from my mind. It was awful!!!!

I have to be at a meeting this Thursday at 7pm. I'm dead to the world by 6pm. It's like I have nothing left to give after a certain time anymore. Ugh!

Brenda said...

You are so great. And you are a woman no matter what:)

Dear Lord, please endow more medical professionals with the truth about abortion and birth control and it's harmful effects. And I ask that you comfort and heal all those who have been touched by abortion. Amen!


Being Refined said...

I prayed. Well said! Yes, it does feel colder around the abortion mills.